We have a new applicant for a moderator position here. If anyone objects or wants to add their opinions, please reply here. Me and the other moderators will consider the communities input in deciding if we make them a moderator or not, thank you.

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With the ever growing number of users and in the spirit of open source (FLOSS), one should contribute where one can. Thus I am allowing myself to b...
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@barefootstache retooted one of my terrible jokes, so gets a :blobfoxsignyip: from me, FWTW. Alternatively, it may show questionable taste… πŸ™ƒ

@freemo @trinsec @khird

I say yay on @barefootstache, who was very welcoming when I joined recently.

@freemo Are bans done by majority vote, unanimous, or sole? You can see the problem if it's majority with 4 lol @trinsec @khird @barefootstache


Majority vote.. with 4 then three of us need to agree. I'm not sure thats a problem as we dont want it to be too easy to ban someone.. if there is enough doubt that 2 people oppose a ban then it probably needs more discussion.

@trinsec @khird @barefootstache

@freemo @trinsec @khird @barefootstache

I've personally had nothing but good interactions with @barefootstache for the little amount of time I've been here. Seems like a good choice from my relatively uninformed position.

@freemo @trinsec @khird @barefootstache
The biggest danger with moderators is that they might pursue a hidden agenda what to purge.
Most dangerous here are cases where a moderator "finds even the question distasteful":

You can't really rule this out in advance; you can only put an appeals process against moderator overreach in place.
But in the end, the buck stops somewhere.

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