There is a part of me that wants to go full darkside and start a flat earther youtube channel that uploads real looking but actually photoshopped proof the earth is flat.

Then just rake in millions and watch the world burn.

I just cant bring myself to fan that fire though.

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Sometimes when i feel especially crappy, i think about selling everything i own, donating that money to some crazy violent genocidal neonazis, and then committing suicide.

@freemo "Writing science fiction is a waste of time. If a person really wanted to get rich, he'd start his own religion!" -- L. Ron Hubbard, who took his own advice.

@freemo How about building a cluster with everything you get recommended by random people? Perhaps there could be something valuable to learn from a Loongsoon computer, Xeon Phi, ASICs, smart refrigerators and old smart phones.


i'd believe you. you say retarded shit like that.

@freemo The Earth isn't flat. The Earth is a cube. I saw it in Minecraft. Lol.

@freemo There's a not-insignificant chance that later in life I choose to retire by moving to a deep rural area and starting a cult. :ablobdevil:

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