@SecondJon Now what’s your spin on the pro Trump, anti Jew who just killed 10 in Pittsburgh?

@cambridgeport90 Are you staying hydrated? A few years ago I had this issue and after a few frustrating appointments with my doctor, she finally figured out that I was dehydrated and she told me to drink coconut water.

@Surasanji You might want to turn to Reddit or something similar

@cambridgeport90 I'm fascinated by the subject of sleep. Have you ruled out a medical issue like sleep apnea?

@chartier Are you saying this happened with an unprotected screen? I dropped my iPhone 6s on concrete and only got a little of the corner damaged. I have a friend who just dropped his X on concrete and his screen is intact too. It might not be common, per se, but it's not that rare.

@Surasanji @SecondJon I agree, it's mostly likely a misguided individual, not someone with that much political foresight. How Trump and other government leaders respond to the threat is a different story. Also, I'm sure we'll get the info once it's confirmed. No leaking necessary.

@MOTT My parents both wanted my brother and me to decide for ourselves. My dad taught me prayer and how to have a relationship with God outside of religion. When I was 13 I questioned all of it, and never looked back.

@MOTT My atheism is rooted in my desire to be a citizen of the world, not just my white American upbringing. Like other atheists I know, I just can't get over the fact that if I was born in many other places in the world, I'd be brought up with different beliefs. Everything else fell into place from there.

@MOTT I believe we can't actually be sure about any of it. I actually believe when we die we just cease to exist, but would like to think we get to come back and do it again. I also know the earth will die eventually, but I'm hoping we know how to move to another planet by then.

@DamienGranz I want to know what the threshold for rich is. And once you're over that threshold, if you give a certain percentage to charity or the arts, are you exempt from being eaten?

@Rado1 Yes, what's bothering me in recent years is that their new tech just isn't a good user experience. But anyway yes I think the only thing I can do now is take my Photos file and hide it somewhere else.

@MOTT It's the "forever" part that gets me. I'd be more into the idea if it was a nice little pit stop, and then you get to be reincarnated. I just like doing new things and experiencing new people all the time. I wouldn't want to just hang out with the same people all the time, even if it was Jesus.

@freemo Is publishing your signature not a security issue there?

@MOTT It was always described to me as the place you go and have a good time with your loved ones forever. Like when your spouse dies, it's OK because they're just chilling upstairs waiting for you to arrive to the party. I totally understand why that's a comforting thought to many, but to me...nah.

@freemo I don't even like horror, and I'm obsessed with it. It's like what True Detective (season 1) did for the classic whodunit...elevating it into this richly drawn, pitch-perfect story

@neverfadingwood It's never really all that funny or thought-provoking to wish harm on others to make your point. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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