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I particularly love how they keep going with the theme in the fine print.

World is cold The Arctic winds are constantly changing in a chaotic manner.

Toronto to hit -20C this week Huntsville to -30. The winters of my youth were -30 and -40. I went winter camping.

Got sucked into an NFL game (no other options), picked SF 49’s randomly and watched them go through quarterbacks like toilet paper. Turned it off….

Greenland wind channel is starting up again this is changing rapidly. We should have the full spil over UK by tomorrow. It is also shifting rapidly near the Bering Str. California will be able to fill reservoirs again.

ah, just glanced at a news show about ‘Blood Avocados’ No more of those for me! …

Mr. Warm, meet Mr. Cold Now that Climate Change has assimilated Extreme Cold, we are all one big happy family. I do hope they stop that canard “Warmer equals more storms”. Embrace the cold! It’s just as important with storms.
That is extremely heavy snow, and I use the snowblower on it, but some workaholic has to shovel now. I’m lazy-smart, and I can watch with the front camera. :)

Say what you will about but this playlist cover I just created using is peak and it's f**king awesome.

AMD graphics is now boring when I first got the amd ryzen chip with built-in graphics, it was too new for Linux. I was always compiling the latest kernel to get it to work better. Now, I’m just using Debian Sid, and letting it take care of kernel updates. Very nice.

microgreens Just harvested my largest crop of microgreens in years. Our mild Ontario weather has allowed the garage grow house to have an ideal temperature. When it’s 20 below, the heater barely keeps things alive. New cold weather coming, so I’ll enjoy it now.

Ontario to build new nuclear station Too many cooks, etc. They are contracting out all the engineering and keeping the high-paying stuff for themselves. I wish them luck. Note to engineers: Killer rabbit, run away!

Googs won’t release AI Just skimming the news, and G has an AI that comes up with acceptable music. AI is going to hit a lot of high-margin industries, and G can’t figure out how to tack on ads to it. I’ll be happy with AI news and weather, and AI Hallmark movies, and popular music. Can’t be any different….

Cold California If this wind channel shifts a bit more to the west, they’ll get their storms again.

My KDE is back This time when I saw a bunch of plasma updates, I did a full-upgrade from the main console. I have a superstition about using ‘apt upgrade’ inside kde, and this confirms it. I had a black screen background, and no digital clock. :(

Gulf Stream may be back For most, it was never gone, but since 2016, the temperature plot of the ocean did not show any thermal signal that was different from the Pacific. Now it shows warmer water up past Scandinavia. This is leading the plumes up into that zone. No idea what that means.

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