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:greycup: US and international sports fans can stream the #GreyCup for FREE tomorrow at 6:00 pm EST on CFL+ #CFLOM

@realcaseyrollins hope you've been well! In case you are still interested: Canada's four university football conference championships will be held today, with the winners to play in a single elimination tournament over the following two weeks for the Vanier Cup.

1PM Eastern: Loney Bowl (Atlantic University Sport), Bishop's @ St. Francis Xavier
1PM Eastern: Yates Cup (Ontario University Athletics), Laurier @ Western
2PM Eastern: Dunsmore Cup (Reseau du sport etudiant du Quebec), Laval @ Montreal
4PM Eastern: Hardy Cup (Canada West Universities Athletic Association), Alberta at UBC

The AUS and OUA games are free to watch but require registration; the RSEQ and Canada West matches are paid. Enjoy!

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In #Iran regime's latest persecution of #Baha'i religious minority, prison sentences and fines confirmed on 14 members

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… and it’s in the books! The season is now archived but I can make corrections if necessary; just let me know if you see any errors.

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The season is updated at Sports Club Stats. There’s still a week to go, but the remaining games can’t affect the teams’ finishing order at this point. As always, please let me know if I entered anything wrong.

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If you're blind:

Does it help if we tag abstract art images in toots with an "alt" description? What kind of description do you appreciate?

(my take is: I label abstract paintings with just "abstract painting" so as to make them easy to ignore but I don't try to describe them because it would be futile in my opinion much like summarizing poetry)

Today Firefox has started having a weird cursor-displacement issue, wondering if anyone can shed some light on it.

Whenever I open a popup menu, the arrow stays where I left it, but the cursor coordinates (i.e. what option gets highlighted and what registers a click) reset to the top left corner. So if I right-click and slide the arrow onto the menu, I'm actually clicking on things like my back and refresh buttons (the same distance down and to the right of the top left corner as the arrow is from the point where I right-clicked to open the menu). For nested submenus (e.g. folders in the Bookmarks menu) the process repeats for every level of popup. However, this only applies to the browser chrome; links on the webpage highlight according to the actual position of the arrow.

The problem doesn't occur until some time (maybe ten minutes to half an hour, I haven't really measured) after browser startup, and resets when I open a new window - temporarily fixing the problem in the original window, too.

I'm flummoxed; search turned up a lot of stuff about people who accidentally turn on caret browsing, but that doesn't really seem to explain these symptoms. Browser version is 64-bit 117.0.1 on Arch. Any suggestions appreciated!

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It was wonderful to speak to Lisa Kloppenberg, the author of The Most Beloved Thing is Justice, about her friend & mentor Judge Dorothy Wright Nelson.

Judge Nelson barreled through glass ceilings. (She was on the short list for #SCOTUS in 1973!) It is a story of hope in the #law, something often missing today. It also describes how Judge Nelson's Bahá’í faith influenced her approach to the law & conflict resolution.

#law #lawfedi #lawprofs #justice #Bahai #judiciary

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Not sure whether my audio is desynced or if the referee is blowing the whistle way too early in this game.

For anyone using the DHCPv6 client app (be.mygod.dhcpv6client) on a recent version of Android, here's something that might save you some frustration - I learned it the hard way.

In theory, you'd only need the app to run occasionally if your leasetimes are reasonably long, so it's tempting to try and save battery by not exempting it from background restrictions. I figured I'd be clever and rig up a trigger to fire it every day plus whenever I reconnected to the network, which is probably cheaper than running a separate app constantly. And lo and behold, my wifi just couldn't hold a connection anymore.

After a lot of troubleshooting, it turns out that, when the app is killed off by the system, the underlying library removes any addresses it's acquired. On its face, this doesn't seem so bad, as the network should revert to IPv4-only after those addresses are removed. But it gets worse: because you stop receiving IPv6 traffic immediately, but the connectivity check takes a while to invalidate the cached IPv6 address it's monitoring, Android will interpret the fact that it's no longer receiving responses as evidence that the network failed. So your phone disconnects from the wifi - and if the whole cycle triggers on every connection, you'll never get more than about a minute of connectivity before it all comes crashing down.

So as far as I can tell, there's no alternative but to exempt it from background restrictions, and leave it running constantly even though you only need it to exchange a couple packets with the router every 24 hours. If anyone figures out a way to overcome this, I'd love to hear about it. Otherwise, I hope this helps someone else facing similar frustrations.

@freemo could you please look at the 2FA setup for the Nextcloud server when you get a chance? It gave me a weird message that 2FA was configured but not enabled, so I can't log in except with recovery codes (of which I have only a limited number); and now that I'm logged in, I don't see any settings to reset or disable it. Thanks!

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American football fans, I urge you to give the CFL a watch. (Thread)

Here's how today's game between the Ottawa Redblacks and Winnipeg Blue Bombers went.

Some background.

Ottawa's had a dismal few seasons.

Going into the game, they were 1-3 on the season. Worse, due to injuries, their fourth-string QB (!) was making his first start today.

On the other hand, Winnipeg is a perennial powerhouse - they made it to the Grey Cup last year. And they were 4-1 coming into this game.

#cfl #football

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Im #Iran wurden Anisa Samieian und ihr Ehemann Vesal Momtazi, zwei Baha'i, wegen „Propaganda gegen den Staat, Beleidigung des Islam und Vermittlung abweichender, dem Islam widersprechender Überzeugungen“ zu jeweils 3,5 Jahren Gefängnis verurteilt.

Die #Bahai -Gemeinschaft ist eine der am stärksten verfolgten religiösen Minderheiten des Landes.

I've got the current season up at . Please review it and let me know if I entered anything wrong!

Also some of the historical seasons aren't displaying properly - can anyone figure out why?

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Just watched a piece on a Dutch newssite about a guy who started to learn to read and write at a later age because his little daughter was starting to read too and he wanted to be able to help her out.

And I found it pretty striking what he said at the end when he was asked what that felt like:

Freedom. It felt like a lot of freedom.

Education is important, folks!

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