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I hate being gaslighted by those closest to me...

Everything I come up with is someone else's idea 3 months later.

Attention, hoarders and fansubbing fans! At ease.
I am looking for two public releases. Filenames are:
[gg-xiph] MUSASHI -GUN道- 01 (Dirac Vorbis ASS).ogv
[gg-xiph] Bakemonogatari 3 (720p Theora Vorbis Kate) [39aa93fd].ogv
The torrents have long not been seeded, in fact, I tried downloading the first one for over a year without anyone seeding it.
I'd really like to get these relics from the wild west days of pre-H264 dominance. If you do have them, either send me a link, or start seeding them.

Today marks nine years since the last big OpenOffice update (4.1). If you're still using it, but want something more up-to-date, check out #LibreOffice! It was based on OpenOffice and is also free and open source, but with huge improvements and many fixes:

just one more cap, bro, one more cap and we're gonna fix power, i swear, just one more cap

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"It does not matter what you believe; it is the actions you take based on those beliefs that matters."

H. Spencer Lewis


The item, blasted as “dangerous and outrageous,” is “hidden” in the appending of the registry agreement proposal – specifically in Section 2.7 of Appendix 8.

If accepted, this would let Verisign – which has been described as an “abusive monopolist” by some – to deny, cancel, redirect, or transfer registration or transaction, or put any domain name on registry lock or hold it in another manner – and all this “as it deems necessary, in its unlimited and sole discretion.”

In the same section of the proposal, the circumstances under which Verisign would be able to exercise these powers have new items added to the existing three that are not considered controversial.

HI! I'm Freeman I'm and I'm creating a fully open source texture library composed of base materials that you can use as they are or modify to create more unique and complex ones. I currently have:

-A paint overlay to apply over any other material.

I would like to make at least 4 or 5 more for the first release. What base materials would be useful for you?

Boost are really appreciated.

#MaterialMaker #godotengine #gamedev #indiedev

I really hope I land that job tomorrow. It's just a phone call away.

Just read an article from NY times on negative effects of remote work.

I'm still cringing from that blatant agenda fuel.

The Framework Community continues to be insanely impressive. Jack LeFevre has a 16-channel logic analyzer Expansion Card in progress:

>> misread 'widget' as "midget"

Am I _really_ a bad person?

I’ll be giving a talk on time zones at tomorrow (April 21st) at 14:30 MDT. If that sounds interesting to you, please join me in 355DEF or online!

The slides are here:

I learned today that 5 of my books are among the more than 1600 books banned in some schools right now.

For more information

"Once we come to know that by the concentration of the mind on one point, on one principle, on one desire, a power is radiated to that point with creative nature and demonstrative abilities, we will think more carefully, more constructively and more efficiently." H. Spencer Lewis

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