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"The first step is to control and order our thinking. Too many of our failures yesterday were self-created by our own negative thinking. Sooner or later we are going to have to realize and accept that fact. The unhappy consequences of our own negative thinking are going to be presented in our lives repeatedly until finally we realize that we are punishing ourselves. Then we will begin to think positively always and our lives will begin to change. This is nature's way of teaching. It is simply a matter of will to control our thinking. It is just as easy to think that we shall succeed as to think that we shall fail. It is no more difficult to think that we will feel better than to think that we shall decline and feel worse. We need simply to decide whether to expect happiness and good things today, or unhappiness and disappointing experiences. Remember, we create, whether we like it or not!" Rosicrucian Manuscript

>> Former coworker been unemployed for 6 months; already lost everything but car, about to lose that too.
<< "You got your Sunday best ready?"
>> I got a collared shirt
<< No interview shirt?
>> Nah, but it looks nice though.
<< Borrow one from fam?
>> They only wear collared shirts. It's ok though.

Bruh, if you don't even try to nail it- you're nowhere near barely passing. Not in this economy.

Roombas with knives? Of course there would be a mod for that. I might just get this. 😂
Imagine a horde of Stabby Roombas heading towards you!

Also quite with the times, this mod; Armored backpacks, kid’s weapons. I guess everybody needs to be able to defend themselves in the rim. At least they have a good reason to own weapons. :P

Netflix's decision to end its DVD rental service marks the end of an era, highlighting the ever-evolving landscape of the entertainment industry and the shift towards streaming as the dominant medium. Farewell, and may it find eternal rest alongside Blockbuster and VHS tapes.

It's been a week since I found out I was being laid off. No replacement job yet, but several bites.

Italian: A hand is male. The table is female. That is just science
English: WTF?
Italian: You know. A table. It’s feminine. Like a car.
English: What?
Italian: la macchina, it’s a car, of course a girl.
English: …
Italian: Unless you call it l’automobile, then it’s a boy
English: This is DERANGED
German: Ha ha ha! I agree! So, how you say, dumbkopfenscheissgebalt.
English: How does it work in German?
German: Well, in German, coffee is male, a sandwich is neuter, and a pizza is female.
English: Get the fuck out of my house.

I haven't had wine in years... Sure goes down differently... Meh.

-had water
-fixed some things
-scheduled some job interviews

@thatguyoverthere @freemo @lmrocha @pj well the ancient Greeks summarized the logical fallacies. And probably about 90% of the media's content would fall into one of these categories.

@lispi314 @Hyolobrika from what i saw of the lawyers it's more that the language of the bill is vague enough that its very easy to apply it to these things, while the fact checkers scream it doesn't if only because they aren't directly named.

there was recently a crypto court case where they ruled every token holder was basically liable for what some firm did, based on complete technical illiteracy and motivated reasoning, so idk

Hey folks,

I've had some groups have to bow out of playtesting CAPERS Cyberpunk. So I'm putting the call out again. More info in link below.

Can you and your group playtest 2-4 sessions of CAPERS Cyberpunk between now and the end of June? If so, please sign up at link below. #rpg #ttrpg #cyberpunk

Two year old chips. Unbelievable. They could've been swimming in cocaine if they used their new CPUs, but I guess we'll have to wait for two more full years to have a RISC-V CPU with vector extensions.

Only we don't, because YOU CAN'T STOP CHINA!
XuanTie announced their C908 in December, the follow-up to their C906, which 2.5 years ago shocked the world with the first RISC-V Vector implementation, which was still a draft spec, and sold it cheap enough to buy 16 dollar boards with the CPU!
And unlike certain Intel-funded yuppies, they're actually producing their CPUs right now. Canaan announced their Kendryte K230 development board practically the day C908 was announced, they're mass-producing their boards so there's supply, and are going to release them within probably a month or two. And they're fully open-source hardware too, and they'll have RISC-V-V, and they'll be affordable!
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Alright, I applied to a bunch of tech jobs. One of you may end up getting stuck with me. If that's the case, let's not make things any more awkward than it already will be.

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