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Watching this talk: “Lalala if I can’t hear you this can’t hurt me!”

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Wow, numpy’s wheel contains 964 files.

Also apparently they ship their tests in their wheels (boooo).

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Handing out raspberry pi based devices that use MQTT to play multi-player snake and display the results to the room live. 😯

Next level live demoing.

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Turning on and off the lights and changing their colors with Python, apparently using the same pub sub protocol that FB messenger uses.

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So glad that Erlend Aasland took it upon himself to make
zoneinfo and datetime work with isolated interpreters. 🙏❤.

Lol, Mario Corchero: “This talk was totally about f-strings and not about PyStack”


@glyph “If you learn anything from this talk, it should be, ‘Use the keyring module’”

Too late! I already learned a different thing!

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I like how @hynek’s example of an exception to the no subclassing rule of thumb is… exceptions.

Weird question, but anyone at have a sewing kit I can use? Part of my bag is… hanging on by a thread.

(Don’t go out of your way to help with this - I’m just hoping to save myself like 20 minutes by avoiding a trip to the store)

Caught up with @brianokken and @mkennedy, who for some reason weren’t talking at 3x speed in person.

If you missed my talk but still want to see it, the video is already available for PyCon Online and in-person attendees!

Anyone know how to make CSS have the strikethrough line be in the same place when there’s a line through text that includes two fonts like this?

OoOo, an announcement! Bloomberg is going to be sponsoring a Deputy Developer in Residence!

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Well, this is an annoying requirement, particularly for those of us who use one-off e-mails per service.

Since I used different e-mail addresses to register for PyCon US 2022 and 2023, I can’t just point the PyCon US 2023 website at my existing Sharemyhealth account.

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