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“This is not going to be Python 4”.

I am taking this as implicit approval of @hugovk’s proposal to switch to .

Man, some folks do such a good job with the design of their slides, it makes me want to do better.

Picture is from Steph Orella Bello’s talk, but there are many other intimidatingly good presentations out there.

By the way for various reasons I happen to have a bunch of Google Open Source swag to give away and nowhere to give it away, so if you are at and want a flashlight, let me know.

Ok, I am traveling to Spain soon, and when I travel I usually bring a bit of protein powder (I put it in cottage cheese or yogurt to add some flavor and texture).

However, I suspect that my usual approach — Ziploc baggies in a freezer bag — might invite, uh… extra scrutiny… at customs (see photo).

Anyone have alternative ideas about how to transport this stuff without creating suspicion? The original packaging won’t work because it is very bulky.

Any folks know of a library for drawing pretty-looking, clean boxes arranged in various patterns?

I am looking to make some simple images like this to demonstrate addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc.

Bonus points if it has support for some existing pedagogical framework (e.g. “ten frames”).

The Japanese version of Jeopardy! is basically exactly as I expected (though I didn’t think they would have more than 3 contestants)

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OK, I bought a used gaming computer so I can run my own ML models locally, so now you get to see what it would look like if Abraham Lincoln had a baby with Chris Evans.

Now, I’m not an expert in , but I think this may mean something slightly different than what says it does…

Having trouble remembering the difference between the flag of Belgium and the flag of Germany?

Remember this simple rhyme:
“Black touches Red, you’re in Germany like Kaiser Fred¹.
Black touches yellow, you’re in Belgium, so have a waffle with marshmallow².”³

¹This assumes that you know that Kaiser Frederick III was the second Emperor of Germany.
²This is only a slant rhyme, and it barely works since — while dessert waffles are associated with Belgium, and they would be pretty good with marshmallows on them — marshmallows are not particularly associated with Belgian waffles.
³Yes, I am not particularly good at coming up with mnemonics.

I dunno if you can tell from my open tabs, but I miss my … 😿

(And my is really not cutting it…)

Tried to go extremely stereotypical, specifying the “three eyes” multiple ways. The closest I got was a lemur with a little yellow light on its forehead.

“a three-eyed lemur; the lemur is sitting in a lotus position and all three of its eyes are open. The third eye is centered on its forehead. highly detailed digital art trending on artstation”

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Just finished with my son’s reading lesson (using Teach Your Child To Read in 100 Easy Lessons, which is working amazingly, by the way); afterwards, I was trying to looking up the history of the character “a” and was reminded of how rigged the game is.

Me: “I should get this shirt.”
Wife: “… Why?”
Me: “To look extremely cool, obviously.”

Nailed it.

(Not shown: the matching one my 5 year old was wearing.)

Carter’s has this shirt for kids, but I can’t find an adult version anywhere. Trying to tell Amazon or a search engine that it’s important that the shirt have all three colors (much less in a specific order) seems impossible.

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“Oh I need to communicate with someone on Discord quickly, guess I’ll launch it. Oh, there’s an update available, so Discord prevents me from opening their appliaction.”

Reason #215 to avoid .

Did you know that you can just tag your wheel manylinux without actually making it manylinux compliant?

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