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Anyone have a favorite app for SMS on Android now that Signal is dropping SMS for real?

(Android vs. iPhone jokes not helpful or funny here, actually)

This kind of thing, by the way, is one of the main reasons that I am so bad at getting anything done in OSS anymore. My free time is at an extreme premium, and whenever I steal half an hour to try to merge an uncontroversial PR or something, it gets eaten up fixing bitrot. ☹

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Anyone know what versions of windows and mac runners I need to pin to in GHA to get Python 3.6?

With Ubuntu I know it’s 20.04, but I don’t know how to divine from this what the right invocation is.

Here’s an example of it failing.

Also, to be clear, anyone who tells me to stop supporting 3.6 will be immediately blocked. ☺

Do you have any question about #pandas? Few core devs including myself will be answering questions in an AMA (ask me anything) session. Officially scheduled for tomorrow Thursday at 5:30pm UTC, but already open.

Anyone interested in joining a remote sprint on March 20th as part of PyCascades?

@pycascades #PyCascades

Nature, like many journals, has historically emphasized producing exciting, innovative outcomes as the basis for publication. Incentivizing researchers for rewards based on outcomes is a key contributor to many of the dysfunctional practices that the reform movement aims to address. Nature's adoption of Registered Reports is a powerful signal for the real opportunity to change the reward system. Culture change is a grind, but it is grinding on.

Another day, another PR to remove unnecessary upper version bounds from a package in order to unblock a project

In fact, I’m kinda, busy apologizing to the people who I sold on Signal with the line, “Oh it’s great because you can use it as an SMS client that just upgrades you to a better protocol when the other person is using Signal, too!”

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“You will no longer be able to send SMS messages from Signal soon. Invite to Signal to keep the conversation here."

Lol. I’d love to keep using Signal, but this move doesn’t exactly inspire me to try and sell it to anyone else.

An article in today's Washington Post questions the scientific validity of Drug Recognition Experts. As it happens, this is one of the examples in my forthcoming book, Probably Overthinking It. I just posted an excerpt from Chapter 9: “Fairness and Fallacy”:

Umm, so: the #PyCon 2023 schedule is out, and according to it, on Friday morning I am a keynote speaker! yikes.

“Yeah, I like search and all, but what I’d really like is a version of search where an idiot explains the contents of each page to me.”

Did you know? You can add a verifiable Mastodon link to your Read The Docs pages with a Sphinx "raw" directive:

.. raw:: html

<p>On Mastodon:
<a rel="me" href="">@coveragepy</a>.

Your #Python project can be a verified Mastodon link.

Oregon, referral 

Someone I know is looking to hire a lawyer to help with estate planning (end-of-life stuff, last will and testament, etc.).

They need someone who is admitted to practice in Oregon, USA. They would prefer someone who can do some of the initial "hi are you available?" conversation via email, even though probably a lot of the substantive consultation will be in phone calls.

Please share recommendations, and feel free to boost widely. Thanks.

Look, chevre is a good cheese no doubt, but it’s a bit hyperbolic to call it GOAT cheese…

I'm incredibly honoured to have been recognised as a @ThePSF Fellow! 🎈

Shout out to my fellow Fellows!

@danny_adair Josef Heinen
Nicolas Laurance
Sayan Chowdhury
Soong Chee Gi

If there's someone you would like to thank for their work in the #Python community, please nominate them! A couple of folk I've nominated before have been chosen, it's as easy as:

1. Check the roster:
2. Nominate them! See how:

I am feeling very spoiled by my 3D printer, where I can just take some existing thing I like and make it the size I want it to be.

I keep finding things where I’m like, “This would be perfect if it were 3cm shallower” or something.

I’m kinda tempted to try printing a container in PETG and see how well it holds up to a freezer → microwave → dishwasher cycle.

Paul Ganssle  
This is probably a long shot, but does anyone have a good recommendation for a small microwavable, reusable container (preferably plastic or otherw...

I’m open options other than rigid containers, but rigid containers seem easiest to clean.

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