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Loving my new homepage and new page tabs! Tabliss extension on Waterfox.

It was 9 degrees C outside and I had one of the best runs! Can't wait to get back tomorrow.


27th Dec

National anthem "Jana Gana Mana" written by was first sung in the Session of the Indian National Congress in 1911.

It was officially adopted by the Constituent Assembly as the national anthem on 24th Jan 1950

Except Reddit (Boost for Mobile) I like using Desktop web version for almost all social media outlets. Is it only me or anyone else feels the same?!

Merry Christmas everyone! Sending my thoughts to everyone who may have been having a lonely time this season. I have had the same feelings last year and ended up writing a small poem about it. This year I am in a much better place. So hang on there Champ. You've got this! Reach out to your friends and relatives. And meantime also read my Poem:

How much work do you put into verifying results from prior papers before relying on them?

#Academia #Mathematics #Publication #BestPractice

A 7-year-old Texas boy temporarily living in a domestic violence shelter with his mom asked Santa for books, a dictionary, a compass, a watch, and a "very very very good dad." 

2019-12-22, 06:01:03

4 y/o sister: Santa is a creep, because he always looks at you.

Me: Well the government does too, so...

What’s the difference between ignorance and apathy? I don’t know, and I don’t care.

RT @the_bongrel
Tomorrow's protest in Bangalore.

Please share WIDELY.

Organised by writers, filmmakers, people from Karnataka Dev Authority, Karnataka Nataka Academy, etc.

"No party banners or identities involved," the organisers have told me.

"Socialist Realism in Albania: A visit to the National Gallery of Art "
This and many more nice art works of Soviet period Realism. Worth a visit and collecting the images!

I just got inspired for an upcoming Blog post.

Thanks @truckfreak for posting a nice painting that lead me this way!

Think about this. I've been posting about privacy issues for quite some time. It's real. Folks are too willing to give up their privacy in exchange for an 'app.' Check this out and pass it along. The article is long by today's 'short attention span' standards. But, it's worth it.

"It doesn’t take much imagination to conjure the powers such always-on surveillance can provide an authoritarian regime like China’s. Within America’s own representative democracy, citizens would surely rise up in outrage if the government attempted to mandate that every person above the age of 12 carry a tracking device that revealed their location 24 hours a day. Yet, in the decade since Apple’s App Store was created, Americans have, app by app, consented to just such a system run by private companies. Now, as the decade ends, tens of millions of Americans, including many children, find themselves carrying spies in their pockets during the day and leaving them beside their beds at night — even though the corporations that control their data are far less accountable than the government would be. . ."

". . .one thing is certain: We are living in the world’s most advanced surveillance system. This system wasn’t created deliberately. It was built through the interplay of technological advance and the profit motive. It was built to make money. The greatest trick technology companies ever played was persuading society to surveil itself."

How can you even think about going to a farmhouse with your friends to chill? Just how? There are people out there going for protests, not knowing if it will even result in anything.

But of course YOU want to have fun.

@shibaprasad Good luck and keep safe, friend. Seen on the news the clashes of police with students on the streets.

☮️ Good luck!

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