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Still not having Internet connection in my hometown due the unrest caused by CAB bill. Hope y'all are doing well.

Hope to comeback soon!

A quick reminder, for those of you who didn't follow the NRC proceedings in Assam. One of the worst affected groups were women from poorer families.
Women usually don't have their name on property documents.
Women marry, move locations and become part of "other families". They lack access to their parents' and grandparents' documents.
Generations of women change their names for men - and lose the paper trail for their ancestry.

A thread by blurple blob ( ) on the link between Abusive Parenting & BJP's propoganda:

Citizens: here's how I think the economy should be handled

BJP: let me handle it! I'm more experienced than you

BJP: *breaks the economy, causes an explosion, the entire country is in shambles*

Citizens: wtf did you do


cc @sanjayuvacha @Universityofhumanity @tariquesani @noor @jamewils

And trust me, this is not the country you wanted when/if you voted them in. You wanted jobs! Shiny things! Instead you're getting a fully totalitarian regime, because that, essentially is Modi & Amit Shah's main agenda.

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I'm ashamed to admit that we as a country have left dissent and protests to our students. It's a burden they've been forced to carry on their own.

@zevahs @shibaprasad Wonderful, glad we both are at the same instance.

Local feed and getting to know the denizens is really important.

Keep it up, friend. Good people are what makes a great community.

@shibaprasad It has been amazing having you with us and look forward to your future contributions.

500th Toot. 37th Day.
And Infinite good conversations so far.
Hope to reach 500k with y'all and more.

I was asked today what I do for fun, and I legit had to refrain from saying that I was part of a cult of technomancers working to restore the future timeline to save the internet.

and that felt pretty good.


is :

- using a multiple content capable clipboard; keeping ten or more clippings ready for reuse at a moment's notice (TY Win10)

- using a browser that is not Google controlled and spied on. (TY and Foundation)

- using a free, powerful, easy to learn all around joy, Irfanview image editor. (TY )

- using a simple and easy to work with blog, aware and integrated. (TY )

Excel vs Python: How to Do Common Data Analysis Tasks

In this tutorial, we’ll compare Excel and Python by looking at how to perform basic analysis ...

Watching Sitcoms helped a lot like The Office, Parks and Recreation, Brooklyn 99 etc

Other than that Morning Exercises, namely Running is like a drug. And also Music. Lot of good Music. Take care of yourself. You're never truly alone.

write.freely Writer's Guide - formatting explained 

@shibaprasad Yes, there are some, not as many as there are mastodon ones.

And what they offer does vary. I had seelected at first, since they are open for new accounts, have a number of users and are likely to stick around (very small ones, who knows?). And -- they also allow 10 Blogs per user account.

so you could separate things into different blogs, 2 or 3 as needed.

Avoids a confusing mix of family, travel, fediverse, photos, etc all in one stream.

I wanted it, but could not see if to follow via Fediverse.

so I kept looking, and found, which DID work when tested (I used eh same test, short first blog page. Copied between tabs, from one that has page, to an empty new one. Hit save, see how it looks.)

Rigth now they both seem to be working.

And -- one of the new things today was MarkDown language. I found a tutorial, read and tried it as it's interactive.

Then, practice and ended up with a Better version of a complex post, with numbered lists, bullets, I couldn't get it perfect before.

Now it is πŸ†— -- and I am happy.

I posted a message on the MarkDown tutorial thread with links to the before and after.

See that post here :

Depressing how little response I get to posts at birdsite. No wonder I never enjoyed it much there.

Here [mastodon home instance] in an hour I have more interaction than there in a day, at least. And the quality, no comparison.

Keep cool, πŸ’“

@shibaprasad I agree, but the media attention on climate change is not what is important here. The media attention on a kid striking and causing kids all over the globe to strike because governments refuse to act on climate change Is important. They are striking, just like any union member strikes, to stop injustice and cause action. They are fighting for their future and they are honourable people with passion and willpower.

@freemo I think you are being too logical :) yes kids need education

Adaptive Markov State Model estimation using short reseeding trajectories. (arXiv:1912.05724v1 [q-bio.BM])

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