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I reached the point I either need to make something out of this beard or get rid of it. Thoughts?

Finally watched the movie, and I completely understand this score. The movie is only mildly entertaining if you are not a Mario brothers player. It relies way too heavily on nostalgia, and a lot of the things that happen in the movie mean very little to me out of context. So given that the core audience consists of people who played the game (which is a massive swath of people, admittedly), or parents looking for something for their children to watch it makes sense that the audience score is so high. But when solely judged on it's merit as a movie it falls short.

I forgot this was something I made. At least one of the references was so obscure even I didn't know what it meant until I looked it up.

I laugh when people get scared of , and I know it is only because I know him so well. But Rufus is a fairly big dog and strangers see him and are often intimidated. If they only knew all he wants is butt rubs and treats and that he could not chase them at this point if his life depended on it...

is a fun movie. It is kind of like a B-movie/Kung Fu/Bollywood version of Scott Pilgrim if the story was about sisters instead of a relationship.

This has been my experience with Star Wars: Jedi Survivor (PC). SPOILER ALERT - It has not been great...

I believe the most thing about me is how much I freaking love Guava and cheese pastries.

I've been running a little experiment for the last two weeks. If you ask a woman (relationship doesn't matter, friend, dating, whatever) what they want to eat, they can't make a decision. But ask them "What do I want to eat?" and give options - BOOM! Immediate answer. Sample Size 15 women. Results: 14/15 women immediately made a decision.

“Stranger Things” has halted work on its final season, as series co-creators and co-showrunners Matt Duffer and Ross Duffer, known as the Duffer brothers, shared a statement announcing that starting production “is not possible” during the ongoing Writers Guild of America strike.

I would not exactly call a "good" movie, but it was a lot of fun to watch...

So easy to forget. But without writers there's literally no product. No reason to show up on set. No new season to renew. No dialogue or locations to shoot. Even the best performances are in part due to the talent of writers. You don't realize it til it's gone. #WritersStrike #Writers

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