Drinking dark water helps Bruno in keeping his fur beautiful and his soul perfectly dark.

Bruno hates water. The only way to give him a bath is to throw a stick into a puddle.

The view of our house from the local highway at night – some 100 metres away.

The dog in the previous toot is a rescue dog – she spent her early years on a chain. Very similar to our Masza, of the pack – the same model non-breed.

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installation assistant. She was a very good assistant. 30 Mbps in an area where rows of old trees tend to block the signal. 11/10.

In the morning this house had 3 Mbps download at most. We replaced previous provider's terminal with a pretty similar one, raised it just by 2 metres, and now they have 25 Mbps – more than they need. is not easy, but we do what we can.

W leśnym rowie warzy się zupa ogrkowa.

[Can't translate this – "zupa ogrkowa" is a play on "zupa ogórkowa", a soup made from pickled cucumbers, popular in Poland. Real ogre soup looks completely different]

Those puppies are not puppies any more – two of them stayed with us and are now the most ferocious members of the pack.

Rural Eastern Poland is poor. People here live in houses they can't afford to finish. But they care about their children and their future. The small terminal in the center of the picture can easily handle 40 Mbps.

Mały sklepik w okolicy stanowi poważną konkurencję dla pobliskiego kościoła – ta sama oferta, tylko nie trzeba klękać przed księdzem.

No idea what this fungus is. Haven't seen anything like this before, and I assume it's not edible.

Masza is a good dog and she deserves to walk the green carpet (there are no red carpets in )

Ten cytrynek wstał za wcześnie. Nie bądź jak ten cytrynek.

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