aren't sure if they want to walk out of the shade of that huge linden tree.

The GSM terminal was set down for a moment on the side roof. The parameters were much better. A storm was coming and there was no time. It was just stuck to the roof with duct tape. We'll fix it properly in a couple of days, weather allowing. 40/4 Mbps right now. Those people's life and work changed dramatically. I'm starting to believe that radio technology is magic, not science.

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Old technology has to go. The terminal at the top of that mast was four metres higher a moment ago, before it was lowered. It wasn't working properly. 5 Mbps at most on a good day, and good days were rare. Putting the new GSM terminal on the mast gave poor results. Those people were cut off from the world, and they had serious sciencing to do.

This tree couldn't take the heat. We definitely won't hire it in our startup.

Now that I've lied down in this cool water for a while I'll run home and jump into my people's bed.

Our first. Wonder if it will survive the coming heatwaves.

The only visible damage after the last night's storm, didn't even bother moving it.

This one is Bruno's. The Polish name for his breed is Polski Owczarek Nizinny (Polish Lowland Sheepdog), PON. Our Little Pony.

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Some of have their songs. Moro's is the Ballad Of Tolek Banan. If you're not Polish you've probably never heard it.

Nie mogę zdecydować sie jaki mówić o Kronosie: bogojad czy bobojad?

Na kolacje mamy bób.

I've been living in the of permanently for the past eight years and this is the first time a saw a beaver in the wild (that small bump in the water). When I was taking the photograph I didn't know it was there, I just wanted an image of the small dam under construction. My wife saw that beaver moments later. I tried to take a photograph but the settings were wrong so nothjng came out.

Managed to catch a wildlife photographer in the . More rare than the moose.

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