Przetarg na zarządzanie pogodą w gminie wygrała firma Chłodeks. Pewnie należy do szwagra wójta.

W sobotę 30 września 2023 o 17:00 w "Perehod – Magia Przejścia" w Pieszowoli odbędzie się wernisaż wystawy malarstwa Marka Leszczyńskiego – "Oswajanie Kiczu". Zapowiada się ciekawie, i choć rykowisko się powoli kończy, to może uda się usłyszeć donośny dźwięk kiczu znad bagien.

I accidentally jabbed my finger with a needle I'd just used to inject one of our dogs his medicine. Should I call my doctor or his doctor? Perhaps it doesn't really matter, we're both old and ill and have been through a lot, we'll probably survive.

Wetlands inspectors risking their lives to check the miserable condition of infrastructure on this pond.

Dogs love this hole in the road, people who drive here hate it. I agree with the dogs and just drive carefully.

Despite attempts to eradicate them, are still at work here, helping our to stay wet.

There was some work to be done on our roof, and the crew left a lot of sharp metal filings in the grass around the house, where our dogs run, and where sometimes people walk barefoot. So now we're using magnets and a vacuum cleaner to clean the grass.

It's great to have a few dangerous-looking friends around your house.

ditches in the that surround us are doing their job – draining water. This makes life easier for landowners who make money from mowing the meadows, but it also means that our world will end a bit sooner. The water that flowed out was supposed to stay here.

Jadę sobie spokojnie z maksymalną dozwoloną prędkością. Koło tej drogi chodzą kury, których jajka zjadamy. Tu są dzieci. Tu jest państwo z dykty.

Another difficult installation. The cranes flying above us refused to help.

I don't know why beavers left it in peace after putting in so much work. Beaver teeth marks are about two years old. The tree fell down in the last few days, probably during a storm.

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