This spot is usually under water, but the summer was dry this year. I don't call those trees lying on the forest floor dead – they're home to myriads of small animals, plants, and .

Wetlands inspectors risking their lives to check the miserable condition of infrastructure on this pond.

Despite attempts to eradicate them, are still at work here, helping our to stay wet.

If you have any questions about living in the of , ask now.


No, she's not responsible for this. We expected this tree would fall much earlier.


If I finally have some spare cash I'll fit our small part of with so many sensors that no drop of rain will go unnoticed.

Nature fights back. This fish pond is still operational, but even larger ponds nearby have become part of a national park and it's almost impossible to discern their anthropogenic origin.

In Poland Canadian goldenrod is an invasive species, quashing local plants, and it covers more and more wetland meadows in my area. But it's beautiful.

The old, sturdy power pole, bravely providing electricity to our home despite the storms. Living at the end of the line means we're the last to get fixed when strong winds damage transmission lines. It's living on the edge, until we can afford a photovoltaic installation.

We finally had some rain in the night. Getting to work is more exciting now.

We stumbled upon a monument of a dog on our walk through wetland meadows and forests today. She must have been famous for something, but we don't know what.

A small ditch in the . Now trying to confirm what I heard – that this used to be a small river, Mietułka, which formed the border between Poland and Lithuania a couple of centuries ago. Now just a ditch.

The road was dry for a couple of days but now it's back to the way like it the most.

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