Sending quite a strong signal from here. This means our seems to be functioning properly at last.

Tractors invading our wetlands. It wouldn't normally pass here, but we have drought.

Right after she laid her eggs and went back to her swamp, a bit before midnight, we secured her nest to prevent foxes from having a feast with fine wire mesh. Soil was too compacted for metal pins we usually use to hold well, so I added a couple of bricks.

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At first we thought it was Dorota, who always comes first, but we checked old pictures and the markings don't match.

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Going home with the groceries. Through Big One. Big One is a small hamlet near our home. At least that's what we call it, because the first part of the hamlet's name translates to Big and the second is a homophone of One.

Kurki czekają deszczu jak kanie dżdżu. Póki co chowają się w trawie, a zamiast nich pojawia się sporo podszywaczy. Zdjęcie kurek pochodzi z miejsca, gdzie zawsze sprawdzamy czy już są, a miejsce to nazywamy kurkoindykatorem.

The short moment when everything goes green and Masza's camouflage is briefly useless.

This stork lives in the largest nest in my area. He didn't build it himself – he inherited most of it. Some like living in huge homes built from sticks and shit by their ancestors. Enshittification is not unique to humans.

Testing a sensor in the surrounding forests. If you don't know why the cover is open, please don't ask. If you know why, please don't laugh.


Contrails in the skies above us have become very rare since the start of the war in 2022 as all civilian traffic was moved away from the border, so of course we'd like to know what was going on today. Nothing appeared on airplane tracking sites.

I wonder if they finally caught the wind of coal deposits just a few hundred metres below.

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