Wetlands inspectors risking their lives to check the miserable condition of infrastructure on this pond.

If you have any questions about living in the of , ask now.

Osobom, które myślą o odwiedzeniu , przypominamy, że w tutejszym powietrzu jest tylko niecałe 21% tlenu, a za to prawie 1% argonu. Uważajcie na siebie.

Nature fights back. This fish pond is still operational, but even larger ponds nearby have become part of a national park and it's almost impossible to discern their anthropogenic origin.

This free range cow probably decided it's time to get milked and didn't wait for its owner to take it home.

Not many of those left – a cobblestone road in rural Eastern Poland.

In Poland Canadian goldenrod is an invasive species, quashing local plants, and it covers more and more wetland meadows in my area. But it's beautiful.

Jak wszystko dobrze pójdzie to już za niedługo ruszy eksperymentalny kbin poświęcony polskiej części Polesia. Celem jest wzmocnienie współpracy lokalnych społeczności, ale dla osób z zewnątrz też pewnie znajdzie się coś ciekawego.

Sometimes when the 2023 photograph you take turns out to be blurry you can boost colours a bit and tell people it's an 1883 oil painting. But only if the subject is plausible.

The old, sturdy power pole, bravely providing electricity to our home despite the storms. Living at the end of the line means we're the last to get fixed when strong winds damage transmission lines. It's living on the edge, until we can afford a photovoltaic installation.

We finally had some rain in the night. Getting to work is more exciting now.

We stumbled upon a monument of a dog on our walk through wetland meadows and forests today. She must have been famous for something, but we don't know what.

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