@futurebird This makes sobering reading, it took place in MY lifetime, in fact it started the month I was born! Vaccines work!


We learned this the hard way: if you don't have anything tied to not getting vaccinated enough people will opt out out of vague notions about medical distrust, or just the inconvenience of getting it done, that you will have outbreaks.

Nearly all schools from Harvard to little community colleges simply won't let you teach or attend if you don't have the shots. It works.

When you have private schools without these rules ... that's where we've seen outbreaks. This is so simple. Come on.

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Well, he won and made it happen! Soon after I posted about non-cooperating weather, the rain stopped and we had a window of opportunity. But it was very humid and not too comfortable a walk. Still, we had our seniors' exercise.
Sweetwater Creek State Park, Georgia, USA

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Question for any woodworkers: how resilient are electric planars to screws and does it even make sense to plane old deck boards to reuse? I was thinking of flipping them over.

Pregnancy is risky. It's dangerous. It can destroy your body.

If pregnancy is not optional, it becomes criminal to ask anyone to get pregnant. It becomes forced labor on a battlefield.

(and I'm saying this as a mom of four who nearly died twice during pregnancies)

@mnot @pluralistic We're renaming the Streisand Effect. This might fuck up scientific literature a bit, and search engines will struggle with Rinehart Effect, but the whole academic paper structure and search engines are fucked up anyway. And LLMs will fuck it up too, because there are two famous portraits within a few days of each other.

The thing is, if you asked ANYONE outside Australia ‘who is Gina Rinehart’ last week, you would have got a blank stare. This portrait is now how she will be known and remembered.

@dalfen This guy should run for president! He's a hero who cares about public services, is selfless, and is relatively young compared to the other candidates.

The 91-year-old stranger asked the fire chief to take him to breakfast two weeks in a row.

The third week, he invited the fire chief to his home and told him he was donating 1/2 million $ to save the ailing fire station.


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Smoking is an interesting case study. This is literally something that can kill you. And yet, many people still smoke and changes took degades to take hold:


Climate change is much harder to tackle, because we lucky few in the western world can freely emit while our wealth still mostly shields from the climate chaos.

It's as if we smoked, but some poor chaps in Africa would get lung cancer. Would we stop?

"David Bowie still sang their praises: “They were one of the finest fucking rock bands of their time, in about 1973. They were extraordinary: they wrote everything, they played like motherfuckers, they were just colossal and wonderful, and nobody’s ever mentioned them..."" openculture.com/2024/05/fanny-

Just for those wondering who the happiest girl in the world is, here is your answer.

many years ago, and i can't recall why, i predicted that because of surveillance and other dumb nonsense, the "real internet" would become very similar to tor - opaque, hard to track, p2p, and 'kinda underground', and the 'main internet' would be basically like the inside of a mall. mall cops, store fronts, expensive useless crap, lots of ads.

if you need to 'buy stuff' you go to the 'real internet', but your friends, your hobbies, the stuff you like, is on the 'private internet'.

Masza looking as sad as Brezhnev after the fall of the Soviet Union. Nothing that can't be fixed with some treats.

If you aren’t happy single, you won’t be happy in a relationship.

Happiness comes from video games, not relationships.

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