"There are nearly 600K unfilled cybersecurity jobs in the U.S. right now, and about 3.5M open roles globally, says Lisa Gevelber, Google’s chief marketing officer for the Americas"

This is because all the openings are entry level positions requiring 5 yrs experience.


A lot of people attacked Justin Trudeau for saying that and I seriously doubt any of them will offer a retraction now.

@centopus Soczewka Fresnela i choinka? Jak zdolna, to warto mieć pod ręką gaśnicę :)

Jestem ciekaw co zrobi pięciolatka z 'soczewką fresnela' nadrukowaną na przeźroczystą folię w formacie A4.

Czytaj dostanie pod choinkę wieeeeeelką lupę ;D

Do you know any teenagers passionate about programming? Maybe you are one yourself 😉

Youth Hacking 4 Freedom, our #FreeSoftware ⌨️ coding challenge is back!

Find out all the information at #YH4F website, and register to join the online opening event, on 🗓️ 7 December.

🏆 You can win up to 4096€ in cash! 💶


Miałem tyle lat co dziś, kiedy dowiedziałem się, że rząd dwutygodniowy proponuje program "Locha plus". Naprawdę.

@girlonthenet people are happier after an ice cold beer and a menthol cigarette according to a study of alcoholic smokers conducted jointly by the Council of Industrial Breweries and Phillip Morris.

Fun bullshit of the day… this ‘study’ is actually a survey of people who are currently cheating, done by a website specifically designed for those looking for secret affairs.

Pinched from somewhere else, but this was just too good not to share.

Yes I'm a woman who believes in crystals and that their vibrations affect our lives!

The System Crystal in the original Nintendo runs at 21.47727 MHz and is integral to the operation of the Picture Processing Unit!


Car-brains: I need this $60k SUV because I have to go grocery shopping and have a kid to haul around.

Me: *Picks up firewood, $150 of groceries, and a 12 pk of beer in one trip on an ebike with my kid along for the ride.*

sexual implications. the one good tweet from my old private twitter 

[this actually happened to me, in 2019]

Cute girl: So. Before we proceed. How do you feel about Marx?
Me (nervous): Umm look I guess I'm a socialist but I don't really know enough about the political theory behind it
Her: ...
Me: I'm sorry
Her: ...
Her: Marks. Can I leave marks on your skin

Hey, web friends. I usually don't ask to share my posts, but this one is a bit different. I would appreciate it if you could help me boost this one 🫶


@mawhrin @MnemosyneSinger @sb This is the impression I got from skimming through current schoolbooks. Good teachers can and do protect us from bad books.

@estelle4565 @MnemosyneSinger @sb Quite correctly. Still, if you read Polish history schoolbooks and fiction you might get this impression :)

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