I accidentally jabbed my finger with a needle I'd just used to inject one of our dogs his medicine. Should I call my doctor or his doctor? Perhaps it doesn't really matter, we're both old and ill and have been through a lot, we'll probably survive.

Wetlands inspectors risking their lives to check the miserable condition of infrastructure on this pond.

Dogs love this hole in the road, people who drive here hate it. I agree with the dogs and just drive carefully.

Despite attempts to eradicate them, are still at work here, helping our to stay wet.

It's great to have a few dangerous-looking friends around your house.


No, she's not responsible for this. We expected this tree would fall much earlier.


, guardians of the half-empty ditch. Despite recent rains the water level here is still quite low. I probably should measure the level regularly, but getting here requires a lot of effort.

He's a very good driver. Let's just hope we don't encounter any hares.

When the path is blocked, there are various ways to get through. Vuko and Pietruszka went over that fallen tree, Moro crawled beneath it, and Masza (that blurred tail in the lower right corner) just went around it.

Rozmowy z .

– A czy te ludzie, co robią psie miski i zabawki to lepiej głaskają swoje pieski?

– Nie, Morciu, oni swoje pieski zjadają.

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