aren't sure if they want to walk out of the shade of that huge linden tree.

Now that I've lied down in this cool water for a while I'll run home and jump into my people's bed.

Some of have their songs. Moro's is the Ballad Of Tolek Banan. If you're not Polish you've probably never heard it.

Finally the sensors from Botland arrived. Thanks to @piotrsikora I managed to activate the first – a GPS tracker that's supposed to go on one of the for testing. Getting a SenseCap AppKey sucks, and I couldn't find a way to get it, Piotr did. You have to curl sensecap )(the device maker) with your deveui and device code and then you get the appkey. Motherfuckers.

The package from Botland included a "personal" letter to fe from some scammy outfit "Mennica Numizmaty" (Numismatics Mint) which gives me a ¾K€ if I buy some gold-plated patriotic junk from them for 1K€. The language in the letter is typical for 419 scams, and of course there's a picture of the Pope, the only Pope Poles accept, JP2, on the leaflet stuck in the envelope. They used the wrong color profile, though, and there is definitely not enough yellow (if you want to know what that means I'll try to explain)

I wondered why should Botland, a company selling devices, do something so ugly and evil. This might be a case of nominative determinism, once they've taken that path they have no choice but to go deeper. Or maybe their cousin is working in this "mint" and thought it was a great idea to offer this, because a lot of people buy motion sensors, intrusion detection systems, and location tracker to put on their trophy wives. I understand. Such people are likely to buy shit that makes them feel special (yes, I will get a free watch, wallet, and pen if I take their offer).

All I need is sensors to monitor wetlands – temperature, humidity, soil moisture, water levels – and see how badly my bog bog is being fucked up, so that, basing on data, we can start fighting to save and restore them.

We need our wetlands. You need our wetlands, even if you don't know that.

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on a levee. There's no water in the ditch, just a bit of mud. We don't want them in pur bed tonight.

After the rain it was cool enough for Bruno to come with us for a walk, so here are all five together, bravely trotting through the forests of

Today was very hot. It got a bit cooler just before the storm so and I went on a short walk near the house. Fortunately a tractor passed here recently, otherwise walking in the tall grass would not have been possible.

At last some water in this desert. But it's flowing out – it will get worse.

Once it's properly mounted and calibrated it will send data once every hour or so to preserve the battery, but now it takes measurements every few minutes. Once in a while the distance drops by some thirty centimetres, I wonder if this is the cause.

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