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We've had a few quite warm days, but the nights were below zero. Found some some frozen birch sap. Sweet.

Drinking dark water helps Bruno in keeping his fur beautiful and his soul perfectly dark.

Bruno hates water. The only way to give him a bath is to throw a stick into a puddle.

The dog in the previous toot is a rescue dog – she spent her early years on a chain. Very similar to our Masza, of the pack – the same model non-breed.

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Those puppies are not puppies any more – two of them stayed with us and are now the most ferocious members of the pack.

Masza is a good dog and she deserves to walk the green carpet (there are no red carpets in )

pobiły się o to, kto zje robaka. Lewaki, psia mać.

Took the old rug for a walk in the forest. He doesn't have much of a choice for walks. It's either forest or meadows, and if we want to go to the meadows we have to walk through a forest anyway.

inspectors. Water levels on those meadows are falling quickly due to recently "improved" draining. This summer will be very dry.

Heavy, aggressive traffic on the swamp road forced lighter participants to seek shelter up a tree.

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