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If the weather predictions are correct, this is the only day with a bit of sunshine this week. Those little spots on the road are , our .

Snow is celebrating its victory by building triumphal arches over the only road that links us to the world. We'll see how long they'll last.

We didn't expect that today, we thought we'd be stuck for at least two more days. Last night those brave guys worked till midnight to clear roads to houses where children live, so that they could go to school today. One of those rare cases when I'm not mad breathing in diesel exhaust.

This is our only road to civilization. Luckily we bought a chainsaw a few months ago – after more than five years of living here :) Hopefully we'll find a real snowplow to clear that road, otherwise we're stuck here until the spring :)

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The weird wolves of – our pack of , warily exploring the strange new environment that fell on them during the night.

Bruno's favourite pub. One of the few places around where there's always water, even in the summer, though a few months ago it went dry.

Driving home through the of . My 4WD car is still waiting to be fixed, but the old rear-wheel drive city car can still handle our roads. There's a video on Twitter ( – don't want to clog up this place.

Bruno wanted to get a drink, but Masza just had to press the "make ripples" button.

There are no really old here on the edge of one of the youngest national parks in , , so this will have to do for . That brown blur is not a (most of the large trees near this one have been felled by ) but Vuko, a from our pack of (mostly) rescue mutts. The branches on the ground in the back are what is left of a small beaver dam destroyed by humans. The beavers are constantly rebuilding it.

Maybe it looks nice, but it means we'll have pretty bad weather tomorrow.

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