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This was 12 hours ago, on my way to work. The dirt road is so full of potholes you have drive slowly and are forced to enjoy the scenery of the Polesie National Park.

, the green lungs of Poland. Mind you, if you suddenly get lung cancer here you won't be able to drive to a hospital in time to be saved.

End of a very exhausting day. So exhausting I don't even know if it's Wednesday or Friday, and should I buy beer or whisky.

Shades of green. In the foreground fresh light-green leaves of a horse chestnut, behind it a small-leaved linden, without any leaves yet, but dark-green from common mistletoe growing on it.

This snek stuck its head out from beneath the leaves and wants to know if it's spring already. Our answer is "complicated".

The part of Poland we live in is about two weeks, climatewise, behind the rest of the country. It's not winter, but not yet really spring. We expect spring to come tomorrow, or the day after.

The is Natrix natrix, European grass snake. The green plant in the upper left corner is Oxalis acetosella, wood sorrell, which was once used to make soups, salads, and refreshing drinks. We just pluck it and chew it and hope foxes didn't pee on it.

On a walk in Polesie National Park today. Luckily, despite great weather, there were no tourists.

Hundreds of years ago this small river, Mietiułka, formed the border between Lithuania and Poland.

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