I have been saying for a while that we conscious users or techies should be first to adopt, and eager to promote within our personal and professional circles, ethical open frameworks to support services and apps via micro-payments (instead of via advertising and surveillance). We already had . Now we also have . These are steps in the right direction (although I don't like those all-or-nothing memberships, kind of walled gardens of their own — I would prefer truly open, federated systems).

There are universal sites that don't include at all. There are accessible, progressively-enhanced sites that use sensibly. There are crappy web apps that rely too much on .

…and then there is , which is a blank page unless you keep its tab focused while linkedin.com/feed/ is loading and stare at it attentively and in reverential silence.

I think @bert would be even more appalled than me about this 😉

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