3️⃣ Number of animals affected:

You could reduce quite a lot your carbon footprint by replacing all your beef and lamb with chicken and fish (big mammals emit far more CO₂ per kg of protein than poultry and fish). The problem is, then you would be indirectly responsible for many, many more individual animals raised in industrial farms and killed in slaughterhouses.

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2️⃣ Carbon emissions:

Think you can stick to your steaks and omelettes and at the same time manage to significantly reduce your carbon footprint by “eating locally”? Actually, transport accounts for a very small fraction of carbon released in food production (be it plant- or animal-based).


“most food internationally comes by ship. And, actually shipping is very carbon efficient. You’re going to emit 10 to 20 times less CO₂ than trucks per kilometre and 50 times less than flying. Most of your soy or your avocados are nearly always coming by ship and shipping actually has a very, very small carbon footprint.”

Hannah Ritchie

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1️⃣ Land usage:

Crops for human consumption make up only 23% of all agricultural land worldwide, and yet they provide 83% of all calories.

Plant-based calories (and proteins) are much more efficient and require way less land and water than meat and dairy.

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My recommended first step towards a saner, more productive public conversation about : stop talking about certain (legal) drugs as if they were not, in fact, “drugs”

You’re looking at the rendering of a digital photograph of a piece of furniture featuring the sculpture of a helmet featuring a human face

Kind reminder that commentary about the — or about any other event (past, present or future) of any kind — is always like this.


And I thought we had hit rock bottom with those pardons last year… I really don’t understand how anyone can justify with a straight face the actions of our President; they’re blatant opportunism and selfishness, to say the least.


«Contra la concesión de #indultos a los condenados por sedición en Cataluña, en apoyo al Poder Judicial, atacado por el Gobierno Sánchez, y en defe...

So we’re moving to a new, more spacious soon, and I want to have a political world map covering an entire wall. That’s been a desire of mine for a while.

Does anyone know a place online to order such a gigantic poster? Or, do you know where I could find a very high-res of the world that I can chop, print, and stick on the wall piece by piece?

(I live, and will continue to live, in the metropolitan area, .)

Quite interesting. 2022 report of Reuters Institute about the relative of in 🇪🇸 :


Also, Political Watch applies the Ad Fontes Media methodology to the Spanish landscape and comes up with this report about :


Interactive version here:


I can be a for life as long as there is nachos con guacamole


Is there any tool to visualise (and browse) the tree of replies to a given post? ie, see at a glance what replied to what, in full — instead of flattening everything out and losing context, as it happens by default in eg .

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