No one has ever dug a hole in the ground.

TruthBeTold = A statement that is logically or literally true (or partly true), but seems to imply something that isn't true or is just plain weird. (for rhetoric, logic or propaganda studies... or just for fun)
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@Pat I seem to miss the point with this one. How so 'no one has ever dug a hole the ground'? Is this some trick wording of the English language?


Technically speaking they have dug ditches not holes. For it to be a hole youd have to dig under then come back out ao there are two connected holes. At least formally speaking


@trinsec you see also we have to speak weird like this, since the word "through" is banned, because one awful blasphemer once dared to bring forth the difference between a hole that goes in and a hole that goes through...

@freemo @Pat

@namark @trinsec @freemo @Pat
What's this about ditches in holes within holes? Sounds like some Alice in Wonderland stuff...

@lucifargundam how dare you speak of fairy tales like an insolent child?! we are discussing important matters of objective reality, where, as we all know, everything is made out of shapeless massless kiddy clay!

@trinsec @freemo @Pat

@namark @trinsec @freemo @Pat
Kiddy clay? I believe the politically correct term is "Playdough"

@lucifargundam "plasticine" is the superior language, but that's only for the initiated

@trinsec @freemo @Pat

@namark @trinsec @freemo @Pat

git clone https://superior.langu.age/verbage/plasticine.git
cd plast*
sudo make && make install


Wait until you see Namark completely loose his shit when he learns a hollow sphere has -1 holes :)

@namark @trinsec @Pat

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