And the one-line winner for downloading a list of URLs is `parallel wget < moira.html`, credit to @icedquinn

The nature of the URLs produced a list of files with useless names. But a little refactoring and regexp of the source list and then an , and they were all renamed sensibly.

And another day in which I didn't even LOOK at any code... some programmer. yeah?

Wait... do you seriously mean to tell me that I've spent hours debugging the fact that `` is NOT recursive? So ` {"authorizationParams" {"redirect_uri" (-> js/window .-location .-origin)}}` is NOT {"authorizationParams"v {"redirect_uri" (-> js/window .-location .-origin)}}`? I probably read this somewhere, but UGH!

And yes, I know that even fixed this equality wouldn't work because JS always breaks equality... but the point is clear.

Apparently I need to practice the "refactor so it's idiomatic, without changing the behavior".

Derived from to express my own experience. I don't often spend time compiling in my work as a webdev, but TDD and the regression tests take some serious time.

The pamphlet lists this as one of the bad signs, but I'm telling you -- same room rocks for sharing plans without interruption in a room full of kids

Finally retrieved my little . Feels so good! Look at those ridiculous bottom rows. 13 keys space wasted with irregular size.

Lately (err... at least the last year) I've been encountering a number of issues because my repos have `filemode=true`, causing loads of errors that take a moment to realize that merging them cannot solve the problem. Why is this ever a default? I can imagine cases where it is needed, but certainly they should not be default.

org-agenda-fortnight-view. When did this happen!? It so happens that some of my schedule makes more sense that way, though.

-style object-orientation leading to this funky code, aka

InputBuilder builder = InputBuilder.create(io).add("disk", size).push("holds").add("on", peg.getName()).markWme("peg").add("disk", size).add("above", getAbove(below)).markWme("above").top();

You take one weekend off to have a baby, and 450 emails are awaiting... well, at least it stayed in low triple-digits.

RT @reactive_dude
Do you know the difference between space-between, space-around, and space-evenly (justify-content) in CSS flexbox?

Finally used fnil in : to extend a function to support nil case without NPE-ing you! My use: a function that needs to handle strings, collections, or nil, and doesn't know which it will get.

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