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The UI (both visual and non visual) is so good ✨

Uncluttered, timeless, self-documented and endlessly customizable to fit your workflows. Good job to all the free software contributors!

While we're talking about online pay grievances, on a lighter note, who decided to swap "make and model"? I mean, no one says "I drive a Forester Subaru" or "Ranger Ford"... why would you do this?
QT: mastodon.ar.al/@aral/108769994

Unbelievable, there seems to be some “e-commerce” engine of some sort that just doesn’t work on Firefox. Encountered two different sites today that...

I just (finally) finished the Pragmatic Programmer. For a portion of it I was amazed: I knew it all, because it was boxed in the Clojure or the clear idiom of the community. Then it got bigger, talking teams, project design, and, finally, delighting the users. Delight the users!

It's Friday night and I am worn out with font-juggling and red asterisks... .

This week I am going to try "doom scrolling" my RSS feed (elfeed) instead of my social sites. Let's see what that does for my focus and time usage, and whether that helps or hinders my awareness of new helps.

The power of regexps and emacs. Turn copy-pasted strings into data-structures of three items. This would be much harder without lisp syntax.

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The official final version of the book "Data-Oriented Programming" has been released 🥳 (after 18 months of early access program).

Discount code: sharvit39

My morning regexp usage: reformatting pgn chess format into latex format. Bonus: using multi-cursors for incrementing numbers.

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Keyboard Macros are misunderstood in .

If you only use them for light text editing, then you're missing out on its most powerful feature of all:

The ability to record and play back nearly anything. Like your fav. window config.


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Developers diving into a company’s old codebase 🫣

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Sports are back to normal.

Restaurants are back to normal.

Airlines are back to normal.

The office… not so much.

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