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At @swirrl, they help government agencies across the UK publish their data as 5 star open data.

What's that?

Here's an explainer from @kiraemclean


In so many ways tech is catching up with : JavaScript getting some immutability, React improving hot-loading and tree comparisons, and other stuff, Python with interactive kernel (REPL). What are ways you see maintains its lead?

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How many people here are new to and would find it useful to have an Intro to Clojure session as a preparation for the course?


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Today is my first day at sovasage.com/ and I'm looking for some good and developers! I'd love to hear from you. :)

Hmm. I have a lot of respect for theller's work, but isn't shadowcss github.com/thheller/shadow-css just reinventing the wheel? I love using gardencss for gen, and it works great cljc. github.com/noprompt/garden

A fun thread addressing someone's fears that devs get pigeonholed. TL;DR: no, but they do get spoiled.


doubt I qualify as a Clojure beginner, but definitely wanted this!
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New Clojure deps.edn project quickstart for beginners



Ah, this might be the game changer for easily bypassing clojars (when necessary) github.com/reifyhealth/lein-gi

It's Friday night and I am worn out with font-juggling and red asterisks... .

We ran into an issue where duplicate input was causing bizarre behavior -- filtering our things was accumulating with each filter, and certain items would continually match our filter regardless of how weird the filter was. Final answer: React (reagent) keys that were not made duplicate-safe! It was those errors we've read about for years but never seen in action.

Clojars new security things prevented me from creating a new project, and an hour of reading later and I might be getting it verified today so I can resume work. The security upgrade is a necessary thing with clojars, but it adds real persuasion to the idea that I switch to deps.edn and use direct git sha codes, cutting out the middleman. I would then need to replace the considerable tooling I have in leiningen, though...

The power of regexps and emacs. Turn copy-pasted strings into data-structures of three items. This would be much harder without lisp syntax.

Well, that was annoying. Clojure.math/floor must have an opposite, right? But contrary to normal style, I had to look up the documentation to find out why it wasn't "ceiling"

It seems that unit testing and private functions are opposed by convention in Cider and presumably other places -- a fact that can make TDD difficult since, hey -- I need to test that each line of the data spec is handled properly, but those shouldn't be exposed to library users. Solution settled on making a quasi-private namespace where we hide things that drive the main api functions -- technically still public, but documented for clients.

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Recently I've been affected by mindful chats w/ @otfrom @kloimhardt @reborg @kiraemclean @TeodorHeggelund @lambduhh @metasoarous @ezmiller about community & knowledge building. Wholesome people are putting their thoughts into making things friendly. It makes me hopeful.

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