I always mentally wonder about vs , knowing that 's decision to avoid is very deliberate. But TypeScript is conquering the world; is that an ad populum sign that Types are really a better way to go? Or does ClojureScript offer other things instead? If so, what are they, and to do the benefits of each option find value in different situations?


has a new episode out. Apparently soundcloud doesn't make RSS links obvious for everything, so I grabbed theirs from reversed the URL from Apple Podcasts and plugged it into my readers. feeds.soundcloud.com/users/sou

The language and languages are so stable, with breaking changes being frowned upon in the culture. But breaking in the (frankly, awesome!) tooling has been my difficulty as I maintain a dozen projects of varying ages. It is a real problem.

Wait... do you seriously mean to tell me that I've spent hours debugging the fact that `` is NOT recursive? So ` {"authorizationParams" {"redirect_uri" (-> js/window .-location .-origin)}}` is NOT {"authorizationParams"v {"redirect_uri" (-> js/window .-location .-origin)}}`? I probably read this somewhere, but UGH!

And yes, I know that even fixed this equality wouldn't work because JS always breaks equality... but the point is clear.

If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe. -Carl Sagan

I made a site using . The last step was to remove the . But I still use Shadow to start up a local server and explore my static site in-browser. It works nicely as a quick server.

I just had an unexpected error with a VPN script I run every day. I was re-using a shell that was in a directory of a project and got a NPE and "java.lang.Error: Properties init: Could not determine current working directory." It never occurred to me that Babashka might care about my pwd... I suspect I've been missing something valuable.

The original code author was new to the language (this was his first and maybe only project in ) and loved to explicitly return nil and check `(nil?)` all the time. It turns out, it's harder to remove explicit type and `nil?` checks than I thought.

Apparently I need to practice the "refactor so it's idiomatic, without changing the behavior".

The glory of like is supposed to be the smooth experience. I have gone back to the stoneage because github actions are receiving an error that I cannot reproduce locally, so I keep making a change, pushing to see if that effects the github test error, and then trying again. Like I'm back in the stone age.

Stupid errors. Forgot I needed to insert single quotes in my transpiling. But THEN I found out that you can't have - dashes anywhere in variable names in js. My heart is really ing in sadness.

Those in who have not read the History of Clojure paper by Rich really should; great to get a step into Rich's head and to see the evolution of the language. scribd.com/document/470916091/

A great discussion going on here. Because of the location ( thread) there is a bias in the demographic, but good reasons are provided either way and no thoughtless "it's just better" answers. reddit.com/r/Clojure/comments/

Call me crazy, but I sort of love stacktraces. They are so incredibly useful for debugging.

The Beauty of as a language really shone for me yesterday when I was data crawling -- nay, slogging -- through a big multi-type nested blob.

One of the big downsides to being a hosted language like is that, regardless of how awesomely stable the ideology with the language itself, you can't avoid problems if your host decides to make breaking changes. I am still doing damage control on the painful 9+ , where they decided it was time to shrink Java's core library and various dependent packages broke.

I am at a loss in my app. I've loaded a dependency which has cljc code and works fine in other apps of mine. But now when I load it in cljs, it is all nil. Kondo reads it and knows, eg, function signatures for it, but any effort to use it from the repl is just a lot of nil. I have restarted the repl multiple times, but no dice. "type" on any of it, even the NS declaration, is "nil". But Kondo knows it fine. What!?

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More than 1000 Nubank Clojure services/libraries already use clojure-lsp (and clj-kondo under the hood) as the linter for formatting, clean-ns, and diagnostics 🎉

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