My is not hotloading, although its codebase is just a copy of another that worked beatifully, and that a copy of another that never had troubles, either. I've looked over every difference I can find and see nothing. The WATCHER is working fine; when I make a code change, I see a spinner. But updates don't actually appear. React Devtools also show that nothing is connected. But manual hitting "refresh" works, though it feels like I'm back in the stone ages...

I always mentally wonder about vs , knowing that 's decision to avoid is very deliberate. But TypeScript is conquering the world; is that an ad populum sign that Types are really a better way to go? Or does ClojureScript offer other things instead? If so, what are they, and to do the benefits of each option find value in different situations?

The language and languages are so stable, with breaking changes being frowned upon in the culture. But breaking in the (frankly, awesome!) tooling has been my difficulty as I maintain a dozen projects of varying ages. It is a real problem.

Wait... do you seriously mean to tell me that I've spent hours debugging the fact that `` is NOT recursive? So ` {"authorizationParams" {"redirect_uri" (-> js/window .-location .-origin)}}` is NOT {"authorizationParams"v {"redirect_uri" (-> js/window .-location .-origin)}}`? I probably read this somewhere, but UGH!

And yes, I know that even fixed this equality wouldn't work because JS always breaks equality... but the point is clear.

I made a site using . The last step was to remove the . But I still use Shadow to start up a local server and explore my static site in-browser. It works nicely as a quick server.

The data coming through the pipeline on one view was missing a crucial piece. It was sweet to be able to add it to the back-end function that is gathering the data, evaluate the form, and boom! It was there for my front-end view as soon as I used my usual endpoint.

One of my projects for the past year has been converting an old PDF multimedia app into a static web site. Since is better than raw HTML or CSS, I crafted it there before grabbing the output static stuff. It is 99% JS-free, except for optional media lightboxes, and is built to last as long as HTML does, and to run as simply as possible.

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I have a lot of respect for what has become over the years. Thanks @dnolen, @mfikes and many others.

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Does anyone have any questions about or ? (Could also be general development stuff too)

Let me know if I can help ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿป

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Today is my first day at and I'm looking for some good and developers! I'd love to hear from you. :)

Hmm. I have a lot of respect for theller's work, but isn't shadowcss just reinventing the wheel? I love using gardencss for gen, and it works great cljc.

Benefits to using your full programming language for your : I wrote code that determines whether my domain is subdomain or subpath and rewrites my resource paths accordingly, shared with both resource calls (like <img>) and css url functions (like `background: url(SOMEPATH)`).

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If you ever wanted to build "native" apps without or any other here is a thing you might want to take a look at -- -- build by @thheller (creator of shadow-cljs)

Great answers here
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I still don't understand how to properly use JS promises in . ๐Ÿคท

Honestly this is a big one of the reasons I choose /#Clojure: maximum capability while maintaining a culture of low-turbulence, high stability, low junk
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Any Frontend developer who's been in tech for the last decade is like...

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