I'm surprised the client isn't in the repos. Left hand-right hand, I guess?

RT @adymitruk
Quite impressed with the tech presence on @joinmastodon, especially around , and everything associated like , , @inkscape etc.

If you want to connect there to share info on the above, here's a link techhub.social/@adymitruk/1054

What's the adage about "better to use 10 functions on 100 things than 100 functions on 10"? This proves it false. [:humor]
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Why waste time with lot class when few class do trick? @programmerjoke9

1 up on that: "I read the source before documentation". Anyone else find eminently readable ?
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Now that's really strong#100Daysofcode @programmerjoke9

Now trying to figure out: how do I change my mouse sensitivity from the command line?

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