I spent 30 hours and a sick day debugging an issue I thought was my xorg setup when, in fact, it was a cruel command combined with a bad version of the

@jwd630 it turns out it was an old piece of optimization borrowed from Doom emacs, where they had intentionally disabled garbage collection at the start and then intented to turn it back on later. I never turned it back on. Strange that this didn't come back to bite me until emacs 29

@jwd630 @zrzz it feels good to stop having that company popup, but I just had a crash when opening a browser link. Probably there is more going on here than I know. In any case, this emacs 29 is proving less stable than earlier, deprecated ones.

media queries are worth the time and effort to remove. Modern responsiveness doesn't require specific pixel values. Why did no one's code sense start tingling a warning that Media Queries were never a good idea?

@zrzz I had a major issue with big operatiions causing lock-ups recently. Now I am very suspicious of plugins that work at all times, and my current attempt at a fix is to disable Company popups, which were on a long timer before, but today I found that "nil" lets me turn them off altogether. I'll keep you posted whether that works out nicely.

Why does my crash every couple hours of work? I can be doing whatever, even writing non-code. I can be in Gnome or in EXWM. Today it's occurred after about 2 hours of work, and then again 2.5 hours later. It doesn't seem to matter my window-load or my CPU load; I just hear my fans start whirring, my CPU usage goes way up, and I either freeze or even my cursor becomes sluggish. This didn't happen very often a month ago, back on emacs 28.2. What could be causing it now? Maybe ?

@mitchmarq42xyz Ah! undo depth! I forgot that I had previously set it to a very large number as part of my crusade against.... well, I won't get into that. New question, though: since `undo limit` as apparently counting every keystroke toward that limit, I need to think on a good number for it.

@mitchmarq42xyz oi. I can't even get vundo to start without freezing my emacs instance. No time to trouble-shoot right now; I'll look into it later.

One of the issues with the (and which is just a great big text-oriented repl) is that it is additive in nature; it usually takes major effort or a restart to REMOVE things once they've been added (thinking on plugins which modify app state).

gc is already a wonder for freeink up space. `guix gc --delete-generations` just freed over 50GB. Now will my exwm stop loading emacs 28.2 when at a prompt I get 29?

Today I learned about , apparently as an OS alternative to . Full disclosure: I've never actually used matlab. Does anyone have experience with Octave? Was it good?


ah, the pains of being a power user. "Is it stable? How often do you restart?"

Well, it's not usually the software's fault. At least, not under normal usage.

Firefox just worked up my browser and froze my machine. I switched to a terminal and ran `pkill firefox`. Now I am keeping a close eye on my `about:processes` tab.

@mrb fontlock is a built-in thing, right? Auto-enabled in recent versions of emacs?

@icedquinn wait... do they not do that anymore?

I've been getting increasingly cli-based, so I guess my tech path has taken me out of the loop ...

@hajovonta I haven't yet, but that is a good idea. I'll try to get that in today.

My life is so much better after I removed . Things that I just wrote off as failing before, and as freezing my process, just WORK now. For example, it turns out that "elfeed update" causes big buffer changes and that undotree was freezing the thread trying to track those changes. Same story with Telega startup. I had really suspected that my HD was failing; it didn't occur to me that I was getting sabotaged by a global buffer-monitoring plugin.

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