WordPress is my alma mater and, so far, my only true solution for PHP. Is WordPress truly an alternative (incompatible) with Laravel?

Wow. Libhunt looks like a pretty cool service, even scraping reddit for mentions of the tech in consideration! libhunt.com/compare-corfu-vs-c

My headphones bluetooth to my phone great, always have. Recently I got Bluetooth working excellently on my PC , but there are tradeoffs. Anyone know an easy way to go back and forth, or connect the same headset to both?

Cory Doctorow, Little Brother. It comes highly recommended, particularly regarding the Nothing to Hide fallacy. gutenberg.org/ebooks/30142

Enjoying a : "Design, Composition, and Performance". "Design is about taking things apart in such a way that they can be put back together again." youtu.be/QCwqnjxqfmY

@icedquinn I doubt lisp is producing the compiled artifact there. I would assume it's fronting some other library.

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The UI (both visual and non visual) is so good ✨

Uncluttered, timeless, self-documented and endlessly customizable to fit your workflows. Good job to all the free software contributors!

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Humans are not machines. Putting in longer hours leads to less productivity not more and is literally a waste of time. twitter.com/hillelogram/status

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At @swirrl, they help government agencies across the UK publish their data as 5 star open data.

What's that?

Here's an explainer from @kiraemclean


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We used to say things like, “Don’t write a web server in PHP. Always use the right tool for the job.” Then we wrote web servers in JavaScript.

I was recently trolled that "is only used by 3% of developers, so is completely irrelevant." There are many good responses, but what would yours be?

I have been annoyed at the informal prevalence of proprietary MatLab among some of my colleagues, and didn't realize that R is a direct alternative for most problem-spaces. I much prefer the opensource mode of R. Some useful comparisons:

There are methods of coding that are complete paradigm shifts. Algol-style was my default, such as Java, C, JavaScript, and distantly, Python. Then I learned functional programming, completely changing my approach to problems.

And then there is CSS, which is itself a completely different experience. Different debugging, development, and problem[solving] space.

Two types of simplicity: the monolith (emphasis MONO) and the Linux approach, single-purpose composable. threadreaderapp.com/thread/155

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