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The UI (both visual and non visual) is so good ✨

Uncluttered, timeless, self-documented and endlessly customizable to fit your workflows. Good job to all the free software contributors!

I was recently trolled that "is only used by 3% of developers, so is completely irrelevant." There are many good responses, but what would yours be?

To self: do I "fold" cases or do I "flatten" them? language problems in mnemonics.

My morning regexp usage: reformatting pgn chess format into latex format. Bonus: using multi-cursors for incrementing numbers.

There is a productive joy to being able, once again, to go in one keystroke from my browser, to my email, to my daily agenda, to any bookmarks, notes, or current tasks.

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Keyboard Macros are misunderstood in .

If you only use them for light text editing, then you're missing out on its most powerful feature of all:

The ability to record and play back nearly anything. Like your fav. window config.


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's minibuffer completion is either something you put up with, or you abandon it for another completion framework.

But it's seen significant improvements in the last 10 years.

It's more feature rich and customizable than ever before.


Ah! I just discovered OOTBox forward-paragraph for going to the next blank line in code files, where I have big space-divided data structures

suddenly I have all kinds of "mairix" stuff interrupting my workflow. It's in org and it's in Gnus. What in the world is this?

I just experienced rectangle-mark-mode for the first time, though I've been using rectangles for a long time. This allows me to make a rectangle easily even when neither first nor the last line are the longest. Nice!

It worked! , entering a standup report. Orgmode:
<f3> (start macro recording)
C-k (cut line, undo to put it back)
<C-x o> (other-window) to Firefox
Paste (yank, C-y), then TAB to go to the next field
<C-x o> (other-window) back to my orgmode file
<f4> to save the recording
<f4> repeatedly to do all this again.

I didn't expect it to work after the jump to a non-emacs place!

Big yes. dired rocks.
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emacs has a utility called dired that is a joy to work with. Renaming, moving around files, etc is all trivial with it.

A demonstration of and power: I have a PDF with difficult-to-write foreign characters. Record macro: copy my (emacs) PDF selection, switch to other frame and window, paste and restructure the yanked text. Part of my PDF-to-HTML project.

I had no idea . That is awesome
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Everyone knows about M-x tetris in -- but have you ever heard of M-x dunnet? It's an old-school text adventure game.

I have to face it: 3 of 5 days I am not a coder; I spend all day planning, scheduling, answering emails, project meetings, delegating, code review, and training. And at least one more on devops and debugging. It is time I made peace with this fact. ?

Gratitude 1: is really good at both emailing and scheduling.

Gratitude 2: It's actually the 6th day where I get some serious coding in. At least, sometimes.

This was the moment I realized I like this guy
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I would just like to highlight this key moment from todays keynote. @reClojure

Let it be written: Sussman's favorite piece of software of all time is @reClojure

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