I had hit in C-x C-z one time too often (read: I acci-dented it twice) so disabled it:

`(put 'suspend-frame 'disabled "You probably don't want to suspend-frame in exwm")`

In exwm suspend-frame basically hits your frame with a tranquilizer and it's hard to wake.

Three things I that make omnipresent glorious:

1. password-store.el, which makes emacs an ever-present (even in browsers) manager as present and more secure than LastPass
2. built-in emms, allowing me to interact (eg play, pause, skip, random) with my music from anywhere on my computer
3. well, I thought I had a third, but I can't narrow it down now. Let's say being able to execute shell commands from anywhere, any time with C-M-& (async) or C-M-! (blocking). Or maybe being able to do a quick orgmode capture regardless of what app I'm in. OR...

One of the biggest life-savers on has been the command `xrandr -s 0`. This somehow refreshes things and causes my triple-monitors to wakeup in ways that -auto and -set do not. But I cannot find documentation on it ANYWHERE; I've checked the manpages, web search... nothing!

EDIT: just tried `xrandr --help` and saw that it is short for --size. I'm still not sure why it works such miracles, though...

Having moved away from Spotify and other streaming services and starting to use , I found decade old burned CDs that needed meta tags. orys.us/vd

And the one-line winner for downloading a list of URLs is `parallel wget < moira.html`, credit to blob.cat/objects/be683b98-3ce6 @icedquinn

The nature of the URLs produced a list of files with useless names. But a little refactoring and regexp of the source list and then an , and they were all renamed sensibly.

I was thinking of finding a new package manager that allows easier version-pinning than does Straight.el. Rabbit hole; read through a big reddit thread on this topic from 7 months ago and realized now is not the time. Maybe I'll come back to this later; for now Straight is good enough.

My session has become lagged; switching to another window is sometimes doesn't take, and might need two or three attempts before I can input into that window as expected. I wish I knew WHAT had built up to cause this issue; lacking time, I'll probably just need to reboot at some point.

I am enjoying podcasts via RSS readers, but note that does not have with others but has . A couple notes:

- easy OPML import/export. Other good readers have this, but not all of them.
- Works without an account in the cloud -- just the RSS and my device.
- Multiple tags per entry. I have not found this on ANY other reader, where ultimately tags = directories. This is silly.
- Super-easy history and search. You would think this would be a given in this day and age, but I do not see it in other readers. For example, trying to find "spooky" in the title of a recently heard podcast was not possible outside elfeed. Further, "Which ones did I listen to this morning?" is hard, also not easy in elfeed. But at least I can search for keywords there.

I use feeder on android, which at least checks the first two boxes about good OPML support and being subscriptionless. Of course, going to my elfeed is a joy, but not when I am on the move and can't pull out my laptop.

Would I recommend as daily driver? No. But I also won't stop living in it. orys.us/v6

And another day in which I didn't even LOOK at any code... some programmer. yeah?

I just upgraded my and it was a big one, apparently. I had something so that f4 closed tabs (since C-w is "copy" in ). But what was it that let me change that key? Oh, look, my notes/blog kept track of that for me, from 2021! orys.us/v4

I was found out that some key code got deleted from my day-to-day task setup. Thankfully I've been keeping that directory under version control and, with , was able to find out when I accidentally deleted it and restore just that, keeping other changes to the file. This process was intuitive (= without referring to any documentation) with magit; I'm not sure how I would have done it with raw .

are really cool; they can allow me, eg, to attach the wav file of that crazy voicemail from my son to my journal entry for the day. The moment you do that, however, you are introducing application lock-in to your org file; future readings of the plain text cannot recover that attachment unless they are using orgmode, likewise git. I am probably still going to do it, though. But this is annoying.

You know, playing in is surprisingly good. I thought it was janky and cumbersome at first, but the ability to pause, play, manipulate the audio and have integration with my whole system, including podcasts, is nice. Hence the recent thoughts about the old-fashioned solutions that predate DRM (should I be using Napster?)

I used `find-and-replace-regexp` to reformat my todo list to include the issue number (also featuring Anzu) orys.us/v2

each day I have a "personal study" item. Part of it is daily reading of a text file book. I bookmark my progress and then link to the bookmark from the orgmode entry; each day I just follow that link, update the bookmark when I finish reading, and the next day I can just follow day's link to pick up my reading. With .el speed reading, btw.

are a super power I never hear mentioned, and BookmarksPlus is a full-blown application that highlights and brings all that power to your finger tips. Annotations, URLs, directories, files (like my PDF library), and full integration with dired. emacswiki.org/emacs/BookmarkPl

is really really good at "undo". Undo localized to an area, visual undotree for when that goes bad; options for saving undo between sessions (which I don't use because I don't know what a session is... )

A glory of work, this via : I mis-clocked some time spent. I was able to visit the wrong-time thing and yank the bad time span and paste it in the correct thing, fixing my agenda accounting. What graphic apps make it so easy?

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