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I use the excellent app; then it's easy to open a given link in a text-browser is pretty nice for avoiding annoying ads (could also use Spray mode to speed read it, if I want, instead of the two-pane reading view).

Every time I have to resort to using a string selector in , I feel dirty.

Sick day after sick (and computer-sick) weekend. Yep; 317 new emails, split between the categories.

Logic: "if it's not an atom, make it one." Note that `atom?` is not in core.

I'm not ashamed but can anyone think of more elegant way to do this?

My heavily-used headphone band does started to fray. Any recommendations on a tape that would innocuously shore it up?

Ah! It was specced . On anchors, you can use name as if an ID.

Aroop Roelofs :verified:  
@worldsendless Yea, it was part of an older standard: idk if it works on other browsers and/or whe...

Studly is from before public internet, and is still in ! What?
RT @neeasade
@Endless_WebDev hey, studly.el is (c) 1986, which I think proves time travel is real

RT @veervrrr
In Python, True is 1, False is 0, and 2 is true.

(Thank @mayuutann for showing me that 2 is truthy)

RT @parensofthedead
We're kickstarting the new season of by releasing two new episodes this beautiful friday. Have a nice weekend, everyone!

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Who says you can't "write" new features with no power and a hurricane? Lol

RT @mzbat
I laughed at this more than I prob should’ve. 🤣

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