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I have this silly question about #imagesegmentation. So is there any advantage to using different software for image segmentation? I see #ImageJ, #CellProfiler, #Napari and #Python all can do this, but if the underlying algorithm is the same, then why not just stick with ImageJ?

pushes VE-PTP (How?🤓) to downstream pole of , followed by endocytosis->⏫p-Tie2

Potentially explain how &

Inhibition of VE-PTP by AKB-9785 fortifies & reduces Atheromas at atheroprone regions (aortic arch inner curvature, arch+intercostal bifurcations)🐭

Nice comparison of anti-leakage strategies
VE-PTP inhibition
Angpt1 activation of Tie2
Angpt2 inhibition

Dr. Donald McDonald & Dietmar Vestweber labs EMBO Mol Med 2023

Ich soll $42 bezahlen, damit ich ein Paper herunterladen darf, in dem untersucht wird, warum junge Wissenschaftler Papers lieber im Netz raubkopieren, anstatt dafür zu bezahlen.


#microscopists, want to get a better overview of microscopy image #FileFormats, bit depth, scaling, image #metadata, dimensions, and more?

Join our webinar Feb 23 and explore what formats e.g. #OMETIFF:

#microscopy #ImageAnalysis #confocal

On this #FluorescenceFriday we are mesmerised by the process of cilium disassembly.

Find out more about the role of CCDC66 in regulating cilium length and signalling in the @J_Cell_Sci paper from Ezgi Odabasi, Deniz Conkar, @CytoLab & colleagues.

#cellbio #microscopy #cilia

Also check out the tweetorial from Ezgi Odaba, which includes a movie showing assembly!

RT @HoogendoornLab
We are recruiting a PhD student and/or postdoc! Are you interested in chemical biology, cellular signaling and the primary cilium? Look no further and come join us in beautiful Geneva 🇨🇭: Please RT!
@ERC_Research @unige_en @sciences_UNIGE

Time flies by. ⌛ One year ago, the DGE Young Microscopists (yDGE) were founded. In the first year, we set up a website, 🌐 hosted our first social events and planned the first yDGE conference contribution 👔 (check out WS 3).

Paper alert 🚨😊 (at #science & electron #microscopy folks)
After our riCOM paper( we now published another #4D-STEM live reconstruction method. Here we use a Neural Network to reconstruct high-resolution phase images. It's all #opensource if u want to give it a go. 🙂

RT @FMIscience
📢Please RT: We're hiring two tenure-track group leaders, one in Multicellular Systems and one in Genome Regulation/Structural Biology. Apply by March 19 at:

📢 New post on FocalPlane

Jamie Whitelaw's stunning image 'Cells Actin like a Xmas Tree' was the winner of the Scottish Microscopy Society's Christmas Cracker image #competition. Find out more about the story behind the #image here:

#Actin #CellScience #Microscopy #Imaging #Science #FocalPlane #Biology #Cells

📌 Registration is open!

Beilstein Nanotechnology Symposium 2023 “Functional micro- and #nanostructured surfaces: from biology to #biomimetics” 📅 May 9-11, 2023 in Limburg, Germany.


Follow #BeilsteinNanosurfaces2023 for updates on speakers, etc.

This #EMmonday we’re looking at microvesicle release from inner segments of #photoreceptors. #TEM image shows microvesicle next to endocytic, clathrin-coated pit.

📖 @DMM_Journal:

#Microvesicle #Retina #Vision #Science #FocalPlane #Biology #Imaging

The KIT Graduate School Computational and Data Science (KCDS), a #GraduateSchool at the KIT Center MathSEE, encourages #DoctoralResearchers at KIT rooted in mathematics or the SEE disciplines to apply for an association. Deadline: March 20, 2023.

RT @IGDRennes
We are launching the 2nd @IGDRennes PhD program call. Apply before April 28th
5-7 positions will be available to work in one the 15 research teams @CNRS @CNRS_dr17 @RennesUniv @InsermGrdOuest @SBCF1 @sfbd_biodev

Charles is responsible for the fun stuff by organizing the social and networking events. The events range from virtual coffee meetings to international mixers bringing together young microscopists from the different microscopy societies around the globe.

🎳 🎢 🌐

Charles is currently a PhD student at the University of Siegen. His research focuses on the use of advanced EELS and 4D-STEM techniques for complex material characterization (2D-vdW materials). He is enthusiastic about meeting new people and traveling to new places.

🔬 🚅 🗨️

RT @wc_ratcliff
It's that time again- time to register for the Physiology summer course at Woods Hole's @MBLScience. I was an instructor last year (and will be again this year), and I can honestly say it was one of the best scientific experiences of my life.

In his position as the Life Sciences Co-Chair Moritz participates in the organization of the symposium at the . Furthermore, he operates the Twitter-account.

:mastodon: 📝

He is currently in his second year as a doctoral candidate at the institute of cell biology at the Universität Bayreuth, where he mainly works with transmission . He is a fan of podcasts and his most valuable gadget is his sandwich-maker.

🎧 🥪

RT @JohanD13016359
Postdoc position in 3D imaging available in the team for 2 years to participate to the AtlaSymbio project funded by @MooreFound in close collab. with @SchwabYannick @RCC_algae and the TREC expedition. Please RT. Application and info on

☝️ Submission deadline extended to Feb 28, 2023 📅

There’s still time to submit to the thematic issue “Quality control of mass-produced #nanomaterials” edited by Luiz Gustavo Cançado
and Claudia Backes in the Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology.


#DiamondOpenAccess 💎🔓 #BNANO

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