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@rks There are right leaning servers and left leaning. The left tends to block the right, the right blocks no one. QOTO has a pretty healthy mix of left and right.

My predictions: Twitter will be the first of the social media Old Guard to collapse. Facebook will be the second. What follows will be a war of sorts between decentralized platforms like Mastodon and Diaspora and centralized, though "free speech focused" platforms like BitChute, Minds and Gab. They will probably split along political lines (Mastodon and Diaspora lean mostly left; MGB, right), and they're pretty evenly matched, so I don't know who's going to win; it may tie pretty closely to the political situation of the next four to eight years.

Never had a proper (?); here's an improper one instead:

Quick Facts:

* I am Texan.
* I am Catholic; devoutly so.
* I do some drawing in my spare time, though I'm not very good at it. Don't expect posts unless I'm feeling really optimistic.
* I consider myself pretty right-wing (in the veins of Buckley, Sowell and Shapiro).
* I call him Jordan Petersenpai.
* I am very strange.

I don't really like doing this kind of thing, mainly because I don't really know who I am on this platform quite yet (one thing I'm pretty sure of is that the internet especially shredded traditional notions of identity; if someone could stitch them back together I would be much obliged). But rituals be rituals.

The More You Know.

US Politics 

@williamlweaver There were some issues last election where Trump and Clinton agreed, and both sides were using the issue as a wedge issue. It was ludicrous.

I think this relates to something @freemo posted earlier - everyone seems themselves as doing what's right. But when the other side isn't just wrong/mistaken but EVIL, then there's no reason to engage in discussion of issues with them. If anyone who disagrees with me is a Nazi, and you don't engage in discussions with Nazis, you punch them physically or by bashing their personality.

Overheard: "What happens if you put a chameleon on a mirror?" "It explodes."

I read about a new smart wall (glass) from NanaWall.

I was wondering how it worked. So far I only learned something about nematic liquid crystal displays (LCD). With the following cell configurations Fréedericksz cell, VA cell, twisted nematic LC cell (similar to the Fréedericksz cell).

I read a little in a book [1] about polymer dispersed LCDs (PDLCDs).
These displays can address states between a scatter mode, where the display looks like a opal glass panel, and a transparent mode. With a contrast ratio of approx. 40:1, compared to a newspaper with a contrast approx. 8:1.

That sounds very similar.

Some more information about PDLCDs:
The nematic liquid crystals are arranged as droplets in a polymer binder between two glass plates with electrodes.
These droplets have a random orientation and so the refractive index is random. This causes the light to be scattered at a wide angle to the observer (scattering mode).
By apply an electric field the molecules orient themselves parallel to the field. With the result that the refractive index is almost the same. This means that the light can not scatter through the display (transparent mode).

This type of display don’t require a polariser.
I think that’s a big advantage of this technology. This way don’t lose 50-60% of the light beam at the polariser. This enables us to achieve a high transmission rate.
In my opinion, one disadvantage is that we need an applied electrical field for the transparent mode. Because in this case I don’t want an opaque window at a power blackout.

This was just one possible technology. Wikipedia [2] lists these technologies: electrochromic, photochromic, thermochromic, suspended-particle and micro-blind and polymer-dispersed liquid-crystal devices.

Maybe you have another idea.

Now it's time. Good night.

[1] Liquid Cristal Displays, Addressing Schemes and electro-optical effects, Ernst Lueder


So am I the only one who consistently spells it "dialogue" *except* in the phrase "dialog box"?

What do you guys think is the ideal model for internet and social network? (regardless of the fact that being here already imposes a bias)
1. Anarchic/ decentralized model, like internet or social networks of the early days. Data is more or less left on its own, there is a lot of space for popularity depend mechanisms that create big players and monopolies
2. Enforced version of 1. (by whom? International organizations ?)
3. Privates can exploit popularity mechanisms to create monopolies /oligopolies, like Fb/Twitter. Lots of R&D, data owned by companies and opaque feed algorithms, profit oriented
4. Regional /international state-like organization, collects taxes for maintenance/development, not tied to profit logics

Please argue or correct me in any way you wish :)

News from the #Fediverse: 

John McCain was the worst Zelda game.

Report on Mastodon, a few days in now:

Qoto's pretty cool. Like these people; we got the right amount of fuck-giving: not too little; not too much.

The Fediverse is pretty carcinogenic, especially Every political everybody I can find anywhere is far-left (to the point of mocking John McCain's death, which just isn't cool and (hopefully ironically) advocating for the genocide of TERFs), which is weird because in my experience it's the right-wing/classical liberal types (and Tim Pool) leaving mainstream platforms like YouTube and Birdtalk in droves.

Weird how one side is flocking to this weird decentralized thing, and the other (and me) is throwing their chips behind centralized platforms (Gab, BitChute, Minds) that just have relatively transparent people at the top and few content restrictions.

Wonder who's going to win, or if the right-wing faction will just get their own Mastodon instance and throw all their chips behind that.

always afraid to say anything because who the fuck am I to talk?

Rest in Peace Senator McCain

You showed greatness even if you didn't agree with someone. My respects. I didn't know this until ten minutes ago.

video games really mess with kids heads. to this day I can't pass a corpse without looting it for rations and health potions

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