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SAVE THE DATE: We are happy to announce that the Workshop on Genomics 2023 will take place on the 14-27th of May. Save it in your calendars, and share it with those interested!

For the first time, we will introduce an Equal Opportunities bursary system for low- and lower-middle income countries within and outside the EU.

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I'm Robin and still figuring this thing out 👋
Currently finishing my PhD in #ComputationalNeuroscience @ FZ-Juelich, Germany
Trying to understand #brain mechanisms like #cortical #wave dynamics, e.g. via statistical network comparisons
Science needs collaboration and collaboration needs #open-source tools
Spending too much time fine-tuning data visualizations
Passionate about approaching scientific questions via #brainart
Sometimes entertaining a blog at

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Reminder that my deep learning course at the University of Geneva is entirely available on-line. 1000+ slides, ~20h of screen-casts.

Full of examples in PyTorch

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Child death, unsafe social housing 

Tragic and shameful. Too many people living in cold damp acommodation are being told to put up with it, told people used to have it worse, told it's not a big deal. No one should be living like this. What a terrible, heartbreaking waste of life.

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classes should be available on prescription! Don’t think I’ve ever left one not feeling 100 times better than when I walked in! (It should be noted that I’m not terribly good and mostly flail about like someone who’s walked into a cobweb but it’s so much fun!!)🤩🤩

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Good discussion with a colleague on how we write about #biology to lay audiences, and how we may need to do more to generalise knowledge of molecular biology. E.g. a better general understanding of RNA, what it is, and how it works might’ve done wonders against vaccine hesitancy. We have some fantastic physics communicators in the mainstream, in TV and in popular science publications, maybe we should try to get more cell and molecular biologists there too? #SciComm #MolBio #CellBio

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#introduction hello all - I’m Aisling - first year student diagnostic radiographer at the University of Exeter. A Social Prescribing student champion for 22/23 and SoR student forum member. I’m a mum of 4, wife and #neurodivergent. I love the outdoors, medieval history and have a dachshund puppy called Sky that keeps me sane.

As well as all things and I also absolutely love . I’m fascinated by their amazing intelligence and how they’ve been represented in and throughout history.

Took this photo back in the Summer whilst walking my dog through the lovely Littleham churchyard in Exmouth, .

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Hello everyone! This is the new official account of the Debirdify app. It helps you finds out which of the people you follow on Twitter are on Mastodon/in the Fediverse already and follow all of them easily.

Try it:

We recommend to keep checking it every few days to see if there are new people.

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I never actually posted an #introduction toot, so here it is:

Doing #bioinformatics at Masaryk University #Brno, tooting about #science and life in general. PhD in #PlantBiology from UIUC. Interested in #G-quadruplexes, repetitive sequences (aka #transposons or #repeats) and #genome evolution.

#plants #repeat #dna #protein #PlantBiology #transposon #TransposableElement #Gquadruplex #rstats #linux

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It appears I am going to be made a Senior Member of the IEEE (the highest level one can achieve)... Cool!

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Last week I helped edit this Insight about a paper describing the use of gene interaction-perturbation networks to obtain a more useful taxonomy for colorectal cancer (CRC). This is important because better taxonomies can lead to more personalised and targeted treatments. According to this new taxonomy, CRC can be divided into 6 subtypes. You can read the related article here:

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I thought the time limit for presentations at my conference panel was 20 minutes, not 15 minutes. Have you ever had to read a 20 minute text in 15 minutes? I’m sure they all thought I was on bennies or something.
I’m exhausted. #professorlife #AcademicMastadon #LitStudies @litstudies

This is a great idea and the ability to import these lists to Mastadon to follow everyone on them is so useful!

Max Kennerly  
See link for nice curated lists of academics on Mastodon, with subjects ranging from Astrophysics to History to Law to Medieval History to Neurosci...
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You cannot run an arbitrary search on Mastodon — in plain English: you cannot search for a specific expression in toots

Why? It's because allowing it would open the gate of harassment. It's not a bug, it's a conscious design decision.

How to find content then? Use hashtags instead! Including in your own toots — to make them easily discoverable. You can also browse the local and federated timelines.


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This is the Pink Fairy Armadillo.

They live in Argentina, have a furry bum to help them thermoregulate, and are around 3-4 inches long. It is said they can burrow through sand as fast as a fish can swim.

You're welcome.

Folly gets rather excited when someone is about to walk in the door, so excited she can almost fly!

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One thing I love about Mastodon is the #Inclusive environment. So, to those who do not post alt text with their pics, I ask you to please learn how. Please include #blind people like me in your posts. If you're not sure how to write alt text, I can teach you how. And to those of you who *are* including alt text, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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