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As Qoto is mostly for STEM professionals, you might be interested in some STEM-related articles I have written in 2019.

1. The inaccurate accurate test for foetal abnormalities.

2. Ireland must have a debate about gene-editing

3. The grim reality of surrogacy in Ukraine.

4. Time for a bigger spotlight on rogue fertility clinics.

5. No strong evidence that free contraception will reduce abortion rate.

@freemo So everytime when an angel like scenario happens its exclusive for 'a' person? So he cannot prove its credibility? (I 100% agree that he feels & believes that he saw an angel, but how can I agree that it was indeed an angel who paid a visit and not something else?, how can i trust his account?)

These personal experiences with personal evidences cannot be reproduced because we don't understand it completely, do you agree?

Now, since we don't understand why we feel-what we feel, we can't decipher them in terms of rational discourse.

In simpler terms, angel manifestation scenarios are hard for our primitive brain to comprehend. Hence we recourse to religion that claims to explain them?

@SecondJon There are two types I believe,
1, A person directly contradicting a scientific fact and chooses to ignore the said fact to cater/nurture their belief system.
2. When no valid argumentation is discovered for a subject yet, the masses resort to pseudoscience.
Some examples which advocate someone rejecting science over their 'belief' systems are anti-vaxxing, flat-earth theory, Neo-creationism, Holocaust denial, etc. (
So what I mean by science is 'Science is a systematic enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the universe.' (definition from Wikipedia)

How can someone exploit science dry and reject it when it contradicts their belief system?
It's either reason or Faith?
How is it Faith and reason? Can any religious moderates care to explain?

@design_RG never had the chance to use Rdio, sadly.
I just took spotify premium for a year, it was a very very good deal (relatively speaking).
I am leaving AM for one simple reason, they don't have dedicated podcasts like spotify.
Also, i tried playing local Indian song playlists in spotify, it was amazing. Far more superior than AM.

And Einstein hated QM and called Q-entanglement as "Spooky action at a distance" which roughly translates to this post i tooted a while ago :' qoto.org/@Karthikdeva/10316015

@_lunawinters I am sick and not allowed to eat anything :(
Can u send one secretly? :blobaww:

@freemo QM is one of the subjects i hated in college but got the highest of grades (i was surprised myself). I still love to hate it because it's spooky.
And i totally agree with your comment :amaze:

I envy people who can easily manage work and social media. Any tips? :blobmegasweats:

@freemo Yes. That's a valid argument.
But does a Pug feel bad or self-harm if someone abuses/restricts it's right to give birth? Does a Pug 'argues' or 'sues' you?
Human is capable of all this.
If Pug is as smart (advanced cognitive abilities) as Human, people won't dare to comment on what it should /shouldn't do

@freemo i guess it has something to do with 'personal choice of an evolved species' A human individual can (& has every right to) weigh in on a personal decision even if it seems harmful from others' perspectives, whereas breeding an unhealthy pug involves another being''s life and that being cannot voice its opinion out.

Another netflix documentary that is harrowing.
'The Dark Side of Bikram Yoga'
A new documentary trains a lens on the abuses and lies of legendary yogi Bikram Choudhury.


@zevahs @zevahs When Breath becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi
Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari
(my current favorites)

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