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I know it's a bit late for a , but I just finished the beer brewing level in my engine remake of my game !

Matt Gaetz got absolutely *roasted* by Hunter Biden during his testimony:

Look at that beauty! 15,714 points, all but six randomly placed, with a custom-written spherical algorithm to create 31,424 triangles.

I mean, it takes half an hour, but still, progress, right?

Bingo. The trick, as it turns out, is to start with an octahedron (although any uniform polyhedra should work, including a cube, but an octahedron just requires a point on each axis, so it's easiest to spawn). Since you want a uniform, edgeless surface, you need to start with one. Can't build it outwards like you can in a bounded 2D volume, so you have to build it inwards.

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Couldn't find a triangulation implementation that could do what I needed it to in C#, so I wrote my own.

Got a 2D proof of concept working in just a couple hours with nothing more than a skim of the wikipedia article on the math, so I'm pretty happy with that.

Just need to expand it to work on a spherical surface now, which should be an interesting challenge.

This is actually kind of funny. If the GOP just had enough integrity to disavow an alleged child molester, there's a pretty good chance they'd still have enough unity to be able to pass House votes.

This always comes down to a gender divide. Men like to collaboratively try to solve large problems. Women like to collaboratively empathize with whoever is bitching about large problems.

When we try to mix the two, both sides get pissed off. Men brush women off as "emotional" while women write men off as "reply guys".

At some point, we just have to stop getting pissed off at people who are trying to be helpful and recognize the good intentions.

The media framing of this whole thing is just wildly dishonest.

Holy shit, maybe the term "MAGAt" is more legitimate than I previously thought.

Lightning; flashing/strobing lights 

There was some really cool last night just after sunset. The most surreal part was that it caused no . Here's a compilation of some of the cooler strikes I was able to capture with my shitty phone camera:

The text of this law uses the term "scientific beliefs" and it makes my skin crawl.

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Can you see the incredibly simple 101 in this code? Because I just spent the better part of a Sunday banging my head before figuring it out 🤦‍♂️

alone and having full control over your codebase is great most of the time, but sometimes you just need a second set of eyes to reveal your blind spots.

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