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Really excited to see the "guns don't kill people, people kill people" folks explain why it's bad that Germany is sending tanks to Ukraine.

Just sorting through some old stuff, and this seamless re-entry I did a while back was a lot of fun, but it was even better with appropriate background music that I can't afford to license.

It's incredible how much of a limiting factor "refuse to work for crypto scams" is for independent software engineers.

I could be making crazy money right now if I was just willing to help sheisters convince idiots to part with it.


Once again, the right accuses the left of censoring while trying to pass laws to enact actual censorship.

We're starting to have a real problem with book burning among the American right.

Drew Harwell  
Sen. Hawley says he wants to ban TikTok for everyone in the U.S., where the app has more than 100 million users and a growing role in youth culture...

Got progressive bifocals for the first time and its messing with my head. I've got pretty extensive natural peripheral vision too, so that's probably not helping.

I get the feeling I'm gonna be nauseated for a few days until I get used to these...

I'm having trouble reading this quietly next to a sleeping baby. I think I might have a hernia now.

It's crazy how much variation there is, person-to-person, in our ability to use our .

It's even crazier how much this affects our . Especially when it comes to imagining what other people are going through and empathizing with them. I swear there's a direct correlation between ability to and support of for all.

But it also seems to affect other bizarre things. Ever noticed that more imaginative people love certain types of (like cringe), but only in short doses? It can be fun to live the embarrassment in your mind from a safe viewing distance, but it overwhelms quickly.

A close friend has a very utilitarian imagination. He can imagine how a bookshelf fits together. He can imagine a lion. He can imagine a fish. But ask him to imagine a fish-lion hybrid and he'll just give you a blank look. The revelation of just how differently our imaginations worked was shocking to me.

As much as I like to exercise my imagination, I can't even imagine the person I would be with a less active imagination.

I cannot recommend "Roadwarden" on Steam highly enough. It might actually be my favorite RPG ever. And it's an RPG in the classic sense: It's about allowing you to play a role and simulating the effects of your agency in a brilliantly-written world.

I know it's close to ending (the game runs on a time limit from the start) and I'm already mentally preparing for a second trip into the peninsula immediately after my first.

It does involve a lot of reading, but the writing is excellent, striking the perfect balance between setting the tone without getting flowery or overly-verbose.

If you want to escape into a fully-realized corner of a new world this weekend, check it out:

I really hate tip culture. I shouldn't have to perform value judgements on people's careers to try to figure out if I need to pay them extra for their service. That should be their employers' responsibility.

Today, I went to a full-service car wash. I spoke to no less than five different employees that worked on or around my car. Yet, when it was done, I was apparently expected to tip the last guy I met. I don't even know what proportion of the work was his. He could have done 10% or 90% of the work. But either way, he got 100% of the tip.

Can we please just, for the love of God, raise the minimum wage and eliminate tip wage exceptions?

Okay, I'm really baffled now by people who wear masks incorrectly.

Nobody is forcing you to wear the mask.

If you choose to use it, why would you use it wrong???

In a crowded waiting room and not one, but two separate people waiting have decided to have cellphone conversations on speaker phone.

What is this world coming to?


This is how accident investigators say “the pilot was having sex with his passenger at the time of the crash”


At an auto mechanic shop and the woman running the counter is quite rude (in a condescending way)... which I could get mad at, but then I realized she's totally incompetent too. She had to call someone else because she couldn't even figure out how to pull my file, which is receptionist 101. So now I'm just laughing watching her interact with her colleagues and wishing I had some popcorn.

Form: Please include the complete email text and headers.

Also form: You're limited to 5,000 characters.

Would be very interested in hearing the thoughts of others who have experience in this area. Please boost for reach.

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As an , the entire concept of infuriates me.

Without marketing, the best in the world is doomed to languish in obscurity; you've got to make people aware that the experience is available.

But, *because* of marketing, the best art is already doomed to languish in obscurity, because only the most mediocre mainstream crap is funded by multi-million dollar firms that can browbeat upstarts with their marketing budget. It's hard enough to cut through the noise of 8 billion other people before dealing with the multi-millionaires outbidding you for ad space.

So, inevitably, is a double-edged sword wielded by the rich to cut down fledgling artists with both edges.

And I cannot, for the life of me, think of an equitable solution that would work.

Are we doomed to repeat this cycle until the end of time?

Here's a fun read from yesterday I had missed. What happens if Musk fails to make Twitter's next interest payment on the massive debt load he's encumbered the company with....

The past few days, I've been cleaning out and organizing my bookshelves.

After choosing which old video games were deserving of front-row slots, I designed and 3D-printed some new brackets to hold them in place... color-coded to match their console line!

Why is unfermented beer not a delicacy in America? I feel like many Americans would enjoy malted barley tea. Kinda surprised it's not available in every coffee shop.

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