is now officially on 2.7.0, enjoy.

Side note. I also brought up a discourse server for us to use and will slowly be bringing up a/back a few other servers in the qoto family helping us promote and discuss STEM (or just chat).

If you want to play around with the new discourse server while we figure out how we want to use it you can sign up and use it here:}

Anyone interested, dont forget to list yourselves in the new user directory. You can opt-in by updating your user settings. It makes it easier for people to find and follow you.

Just want to remind our users at that Advertising is the one of the only things that'll get you instantly banned here. I've had a lot of advertisers come through, so, fair warning! If I see it, you're on your way out the door!

Love Dave, one of your friendly Mods. <3

People of Mastodon and !

Please enjoy this offering of kitty picture:

I love mah kitty <3

I got the cat! :D

She's such a sweet girl and so cuddly and has been purring non-stop for hours. I love her! <3

Hello community!!
I am a freelancer working in Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Data Science. Another interest field in which I am active are the historical archives, especially aspects related with knowledge representation and metadata quality.
What else... based in Israel, near Tel Aviv.

Antisemitism and Pittsburgh murders. CWed for Length Show more

While I find truth in this statement I'm not sure many others would.

Guess it's time to get on the band wagon.

I'm here on Mastodon to support the vision of federated, open social networks. I enjoy:

I prefer thoughtful discussions or blog posts over videos. Looking forward to seeing what this corner of the Internet looks like.

“This world is the dream of a sleeper,” and its meaning is seen quite differently in the other world. There it is truly judged by the Divine Interpreter, for to Him all things are revealed.

Like a gardener who enters an orchard and looks at the trees, without even looking at the fruit on the branches, they can judge this tree to be a date, that one a fig, that a pomegranate, a pear, or an apple.

The true people of God know the science of trees, therefore they need not wait for the resurrection to see the interpretation of life.

Such a person sees beforehand what will be, just as the gardener knows what fruit each branch will surely yield.

— Rumi / Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī

Hola! , but on other instances.
Interested in the stuff on my status.

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