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ManyBooks.net has many nice FREE ebooks. Classic, public domain and newer CC licensed ones too.

Including a good selection of modern Sci-Fi books, Cory Doctorow’s titles and others.

Cory Doctorow’s titles on file there: manybooks.net/search-book?sear

Nice site, recommended.


@manoj Happy to see the pic and wish you all success - may the force be with you. (from some one who started a LUG in his collage years back, but then moved over to the dark side when job came calling. Still keep a Debian box, but not playing around much).

@design_RG Ah! I love riding motorcycles and have done a bit of bicycle riding in the past.

@design_RG Ok, got the info from your profile 🙂

@design_RG Awesome. It's a pleasure when the sun is out and happy to hear that you got some quality outdoor time. Out if curiosity, when you say bike, is it a bicycle or a Motorcycle?

Stated my Sunday with GoRun Bangalore winter edition. Did 10K in 56.15 minutes, not my PB, but considering the route, it was really good. 3K inclines in 10K, and that too, good gradient changes.Phew!.
Then, went to Comic Con 2019 with my son.
Rounded off the day with watching Ford vs Ferrari with my son. Oh! What a movie. Have captured the grit and the determination and the battles really well. Even though it was a Ford movie, those glorious sound tracks made by Ferrari in the LeMans - Love it!

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Interesting little fact. I contributed, for free, a photograph of some Menthol I extracted in my lab for display at the Royal Botanical Gardens. You can see my name next to the picture at the exhibit (attached).

@kapoorrajat1857 I hear you. That is one reason I am re watching the Sherlock Holmes in Netflix now.

@Amber Yes, but not practical - unless there is a country wide revolution. There will be always people who are attracted to easy money and power.

@Amber "absolute transparent, free & fair election through Ballot" - like the days before the advent of Electronic Voting machines? I seriously think the medium have very less to do with the whole 'transparent. free and fair' election stuff.
ground reality is that Politics is a game of power, money and promises and no election is ever fought fair.

Any Sherlock Holmes fans around? I am such a sucker for the duo that I am now re-watching the BBC series in Netflix.

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Can someone connect me to someone looking for interns for .I ll buy you coffee :)

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Funniest story heard this week:
P's Jethima found bottles of whisky in her 25 YO son's bags when he was home on vacation. Jethima threw a fit. Her little boy drinking alcohol!

She was about to drain the first bottle into the sink when P intervened. "That cost Rs 4000! You can't throw that much money down the drain."
Jethima stopped and began to cry. What a stalemate.

The next evening P found Jethima swigging whisky.
"I can't let my son be an alcoholic" she said "and I also can't waste money."

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@melo @chatthamatthi
ബൊമ്മനഹള്ളി? വലിയ വാടക ഉള്ള വീടുകൾ? എന്തോ എവിടെയോ ഒരു പന്തികേട് പോലെ.

@freemo @Karthikdeva @Full_marx @iakshay @design_RG
Shows my decision to join QOTO was a well chosen one. And oh, the STEM affinity too.

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