63 BCE

"And that's why, senators, I think THIS GUY..."
That'a Cato the young at the senate, accusing Julius Caesar of being involved in the Catilina's Conspiracy, when a messenger delivers a letter to Julius Caesar.

Tension was palpable. All the attention was on the two men.

"Ah, here we have a proof of your being a dirty traitor! Here, read it out loud"

"Yeah no Cato I mean, it's alright, there's no need to..."

"I say you read it, go on, if you really got nothing to hide!"

It was a dirty love letter from Cato's sister, Servilia, to Caesar.

May the smirky smile on his face inspire you in your moment of difficulties

(that's not the exact dialogue, but is exactly what happened as far as we know)

Not everyone knows that Julius Caesar was kidnapped by pirates. It was the 75 bce and was headed towards Rhode. They asked 20 talents as a ransom, and he was very offended by it: "ask at least 50!", he said.
During the captivity, Caesar was like a boss. He read them his poetry, which they didn't like, and he insulted them as "ignorant barbars!". He would get angry if they made noise while he was sleeping, and kept saying "I'll get you all crucified when I get back".

He was then freed after the sum was payed.
He went back, quickly assembled a small naval force, and attack them.
He took the money back, and killed them.

To be fair, he developed a bond with them so he had their throat slit to save them from the agonies of the crucifix. He crucified the bodies, as it was the case with pirates.

All of this when Caesar was not, well, Caesar. He was only 25 yo, with no militar or political power, but you can already see he was going to f**king majestic.

One of the best indicators of the Ancient Roman activity you can find is, surprisingly, Greenland's ice.
Since the republican times lead pollution was so strong that it's still detectable now, at over 2800 kms and 2100 years of distance


First Punic war. Romans are heavily defeated by the Carthaginians who capture their consul, Marcus Attilius Regulus.
He is sent to Rome in 256 bC to break a peace deal, and he promises he'll be back in Carthago after all it's done.

He goes to Rome, and instead tells the senate, urges the soldiers, roars at the people to keep fighting, as Carthage will fall.
Than, fully aware of what awaits him, goes back to Carthage where he's tortured to death. Because he gave his word.

Sometimes you wake up in the morning and for some reason the mind goes to when Caesar is presented with Pompey's head by Tolomeus.
And you shear some tears, not only because well, they had a strong bond after all, but also because you look around and can find no man who is worth even a foot of either the guys.

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