It's been a while since I listened to a really entertaining and educational , but I stumbled upon this show 2 days ago and it's awesome!

History On Fire is an history podcast, by Daniele Bolelli who taught History for many years in California.
He really manages to take some interesting happenings in human history and make them even more intriguing. I am just coming out of 3+ hours of story about the slave rebellions in ancient Rome, with direct historians quotes and curiosities here and there.

You just have to get past his very thick Italian accent (his English is very good, it's really just the accent) it's a really nice podcast.

Wolf359 is a scripted -fi of an amazing quality: from the very crisp sound to the engaging story. It's the first podcast story I fell in love for.

It is 61 episodes long (plus numerous little spin offs), and is finished so don't worry, you won't be let down by an interrupted series.

If you feel 61 episodes is too long and want a taste of the quality, you can give Time bombs a go: 3 episodes of 20 minutes from (more or less) the same team of wolf359

Wednesday: You are not so smart is a brilliant podcast about the research behind decision making, biases, how people change their minds, tribalism, how you fool yourself and confabulate post hoc reasons for your behaviour and more.

Personally, I'm a long time fan and it changed my perception of my self in a decisive way. Way more humble about how sure I am about my ideas.

Give it a shot!

Wednesday. It sucks there is no weekday or even month name starting with P.

Evolution Talk is a podcast, who'd guess, about evolution.

Rick coast is pretty a passionate host. Even if the topic was well known, like convergent evolution or natural selection, I had fun with the trivias and the anecdotes.

Oftentimes the topic has however been new to me, like who Robert Chambers or Diderot were.

To be frank a few episodes are a bit devoid of real content, but seemed to me like the exception rather than the rule.


I just started to listen to "Species", where every week Macken talks about a species of animal.
Unlike many other informative pieces of podcast I listened to, this is very entertaining, with fun bits of info and a very story like way of delivering juicy, hard checked facts.
I was captured from the very first episode, the Opossum.


What app do you lover people use? I just switch from a simple feed reader to antennapod, available at , and I am quite happy with it, but especially for searching new podcasts I'd like to know if there is something else you'd recommend.

'Morning fediverse!

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