I created a talk group for all the users. If you have any request, problem, question or whatever you can reach me and the others there

the conflict with the Register app is now solved, new users can apply directly.

I also added the deck and circles apps to test how can work as a team management software (similar to trello or something)

Let me know what you think!

Following the direct discussion with @gregory and @freemo I enabled 2FA for every user of our instance. You can activate it in your personal settings.

Hurray for security!

I am excited to add the Maps app to our instance, seems like a very interesting app!
Also, I added the Tasks app to sync with tasks app. you can find a great FOSS one on F-droid called, creatively, Task

Upgraded everything, and a reminder: as of now new users must sent a DM to get an account, as the register app is still not available for newer nextcloud version



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