That's a good question. I use the name of the subreddits I find them on in the first place (or the sub it would be fit for), than the subject (lewd, depression, fantasy..), and the 'category' like pepe, cage, conversation... I'm not sure about it though, do you have any suggestion?

I like . When I see one I like I want the file, not just see it pass by. One problem I had was how to organize them.

I tried a few ways, including hydra network, but too complicated and setting up your own server was a mess.

Finally, yesterday it dawned on me: I just need something to tag in the metadata!

So I use
* shotwell, a media manager in the repo, which has the option to write the tags in the file.

* to back up and sync with my mobile

* a photo manager, a app available on f-droid which can also search by tag (admittedly, people are not very imaginative with names often =D)

And now my devices are synced, memes are backed up, my memes are tagged, and I feel better with my data hoarding instinct <3

Thanks, a nice and simple article.

However, a doubt, we are constantly doing more than a thing at a time, how is multitasking defined for the purpose of the studies? Like, I sometimes listen to podcasts while walking or on the bicycle ( or cleaning, or...), and I often read and eat, I mean what are the boundaries between an efficient multitasking and a dangerously inefficient one?

@starbreaker it does. But you know, you start small, is a marathon not a sprint

r/waterniggas got quarantined by the admins. Drinking water is shocking and possibly offensive

This day started off with a headache, and was downhill from there.

Stay hydrated.

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#microblogpub now comes with a setup wizard, Python is not needed anymore for the setup: https://github.com/tsileo/microblog.pub

@HerraBRE Sorry to hear that. You daughter is already testing you!

@starbreaker mesh wifi network is a thing, in some areas coverage is actually pretty good

This goes both for big and small solutions alike. The lack of a shared way of measuring the environmental impact is problematic but I'm not sure is solvable: factors are a lot, and hard to reduce in simple formulas.

Odum gave it a good shot, ending up with a system which is interesting but IMHO not usable.

Measuring carbon footprint in some other way, such as the direct impact, is oblivious to the indirect effects... it's a topic I'm thinking a lot lately, and in some sectors (I mainly know the agricultural one) some standards are being developed which may be a good start.

@GreenandBlack @switchingsocial

Thanks, is new but seems promising, I'll keep an eye on it!

@dev awesome to see project is still on! Thanks!

What do you mean? I meant extinction of whole species

Can't you just think of something worth crying for, for the sake of it?
Like the extinction of the tarpian, or the caspian tiger. Or, idk, the global loss of soil, or all the amazing people in the history of mankind who are almost forgot(I'm sure you know some in your field)... and then you can also stop crying 'cause we still have many species and we can save then, we still have soil and we can increase it, and those people are almost forgot, but not quite yet

@prismo we are humans, we screw up from time to time, sometimes in a spectacular way and that's ok.

I'm sure the community will support you in this moment.

Looking forward to the extended post.

@dazinism no worries, I found some nice stuff and bad stuff in there, mostly it was the only one that popped into my mind with a POC =D

@js290 @dazinism @rynras

I see.

I think he is still useful now, I know people who are getting more interested into scientific matters, or that really digged the Cosmos episode on climate change and understood more about it thanks to him.

If for you talking favorably of science (in your words evangelizing of scientism) is something that is not compatible with being useful, I guess he is not so by your definition.

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