remember, fellow players: always remove your finger picks before taking a number 2.

Or play the for added safety

@snow We can't hope to have mods that speak every language... inline translation is something that would help us, I agree. Translations may not be perfect but I mean, better than nothing.


@design_RG @freemo @mngrif thanks, I'll be happy to chip in helping defining those rules.

could you maybe open a topic on discourse about it, once you wrote a first draft?

@sda thanks, I'll see if there are any in my area!

@freemo @snow @mngrif @design_RG @users @QOTO

As many I don't like animated profile pics and have them turned off.
This is very distracting... but on the other hand it's true that the Qoto account should have Qoto written on it, or at least a Q.

I really like how dark and somber it is atm, though, and in general while qoto lacks style guidelines I feel it is spontaneously going for an elegant look.

I'll see if I can come up with something too

@jasper Board games are very social, it's one of the few social departments in my life!

Drawing is so nice, you can do it anywhere...

Yeah I know doesn't have to be professional, I'd love to play with friends, but no one I know would play, so it's ok.

Can I ask you a link of some music you do like?

@jasper Singing yeah at my level is not just solitary, is soundproof-that-room solitary level =D
As I do not have time and energy to invest in it in a professional manner, I don't see anytime in the near future where it becomes something so good that it could be shared. Unfortunately.

Playing is not that terrible, but beside a bit of way too common guitar I play the banjo, and it's not really popular in this part of the world...

I guess I'll have to take a dancing class of some sort.

Do you have social hobbies?

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Now that the upgrade is complete a lot of you are probably curious about the new features we added. They were mostly pulled in from the Fedibird fork, but the code had to be considerable modified to get fully working. The following is the complete list of new features introduced in this upgrade.

Domain Subscriptions - Bring another instance's local timeline as a feed in QOTO, no need to have an account on another server again, just import their timeline here!

Keyword Subscriptions - Create custom timelines based off keywords not just hashtags, you can even use regex for advanced matching

Account Subscriptions - This allows you to follow a remote accounts public toots in your Home timeline without actually following them, great for following users with locked accounts.

Misskey compatible quoting of toots

Bookmarking of toots

Support for WebP and HEIC media uploads

An update to the getting-started menu to include center stage links to and the @QOTO announcements account (me!)

@QOTO Yeah, do we have a list of the new features?

Seems like most of my hobbies are pretty solitary. Play , , , catching a cold...
I should look for something that does put me in connection with other human beings, so I don't have to choose between seeing people and doing stuff I love.

But you can't just pick a now, can you? It's more like something you really desire to do and you give in, not like choosing from a catalogue of "possibly interesting activities".

Hard stuff life.

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Anyone in the community feel like helping us out designing a landing page for us? I'm too busy to do it myself right now.

@fireglow Top priority is usually reproduction, survival is consequent (you can reproduce better if you live longer).
In general fire burns haven't been much of a force in natural selection in the past thousands years I guess... compared to the many treats we faced, this was not only low priority, but also highly expensive to solve.

We are not that bad in the healing process though, all things considered. I don't know whether they heal faster than cuts though...


in general are very under-studied, aquatic even less, are at the bottom.
We found fungi in every possible habitat on the Earth, so yeah, I'd bet they are not scarce underwater.

Most chytridiomycota (a major taxon) are aquatic and parasitic, but sweet water mainly.

There is a website that collects resources about marine fungi:

I'm no expert on this, I study terrestrial fungi and still just as a master student, but if you have some curiosity feel free to ask, worst case we can laugh at our common ignorance =D

While looking around for a paper in conservation biology, I stumbled upon this study about the coral associated marine fungi. I was very interested, may it be that can ride the popularity of in some line?

Could that even mean... I'll find a job one day?

Keypoints for the layman:
we didn't know many of the species (as it is often the case for fungi, especially marine ones)

Many overlap with the ones found in sponges

Only a few, like 11 species (or OTUs) are likely to be really associate in a symbiosis

What do they do there? No fucking clue.


better yet, write a script for it and call it with an alias. Something like, idk, FIRE.

Be sure, at the end, to add a
echo "now you can calmly leave the building"

@snow I'm not a coder neither, it's not needed for being here!

Are you in some scientific field of sort?

@freemo Seems like I lean more towards left/center. I didn't know that.

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