A big shout-out for @kanboard . I've been using their kanboard software to do group project managing and it's really awesome!

It has most of the features of Taiga, Trello and more complex systems, but in a modular and simple to use and install way. Thank you!

@freemo I think it was just saying anyone shouldn't drink beer from a champagne glass, which I agree is not really good taste

gotta vent this somewhere: today I've seen a lot of content trying to raise awareness about the violence against women. While I agree that it is terrible (not more and not less than violence against any human being btw), as a straight male it also makes me shameful and totally unwilling to interact with women

I see content like "don't criticize her, don't tell her what to do", a lot of stuff that I'm not supposed to say do or talk about with women and fuck, it is exhausting. I'm already shy and don't approach women, all this stuff makes me so afraid of doing the wrong thing that I may just go talk with my bros for the rest of my life

Sometimes I feel so very socially inadequate

@freemo @strawberryfieldsforever
Hi, thanks for pointing that out.

I think we worked on a draft for the privacy policy but we never officially published it (as I pointed out here discourse.qoto.org/t/qoto-priv but then failed to work on it).

I could do slight adjustments to the Discourse privacy policy ( discourse.qoto.org/t/privacy-p ), it could be better than nothing, but I'm no expert especially when it comes to foreign privacy laws

@conatus you mean like a bragging investement, so that I can brag about it for eternity? Could be an idea actually, better than a mastodon post likely =D

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We are very excited to announce Nextcloud Backup! This app is designed as a peer-to-peer backup solution, storing your backup on the Nextcloud server of a friend or family member.

Learn more about this backup app and test it out!

I'll write my prediction here, so in a few years I'll have a proof that I said it:
Charles Wesley Godwin is gonna become a fucking big one of the alt scene in less than 3 years.

I said the same with Colter Wall around 4 years ago, but got nothing to show for it.

Sometimes I wish there was some kind of way to invest or bet on musicians...

Damn it's already. Seems like yesterday when I was saying 'next halloween I'll have a great costume, I got all year!'

Instead here I am with nothing appropriate for the night, again.
I guess tonight it's gonna be data analysis and frozen pizza, again.
Y'all doin something tonight?

@freemo thanks! yeah that is the same repo I found, I hope it found itself a new home to grow

@austin nice to meet you! Thanks for barinsta, I was a fellow user and loved it, you did great. Hope no trouble came from it

@toad La cosa bella di instagram è solo la quantità di gente. Se potessi trovare le stesse persone qui o su pixelfed sarei contentissimo.
Peraltro ora barinsta è stato buttato giù pare, è ancora funzionante ma chissà per quanto, senza sviluppo

I just discovered that was taken down with a C&D letter. It is pretty sad to hear, it was a great app.
Anyone knows if the code has been moved somewhere else and is gaining some traction in the community?

Hey everyone, I've been out of the fediverse loop for a while, how you all doing?

@freemo a trustless way of guaranteeing that would surely be a huge incentive for investors


@freemo what do you aim for? Like, dApps, "virtual cash", decentralized contract crypto, blockchain tracking system..?
My feeling with cryptos is that they are so broad in applications that it's very difficult to talk about opinions without knowing at least the concept

Some common things I like in cryptos are
* Intrinsic value, that is, some kind of usability (ADA, ETH, you can do stuff with them)
* no PoW, I can see the points in favor but the energy used is just way too much
* strong community around it, with a constant communication with the dev team
* big players in from the early stages

@freemo can't wait to fake a lot of research, it's so relaxing not having to collect and process real data!

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