I like my open-minded friends.
It make me laugh when they are ready to take a fight to defend the women's right to choose what to do with their bodies, or empathize with the difficulties of someone from a different ethnicity, but are ready to punch you in the fucking face for putting pineapple on a pizza

I'm out of mainstream social media since 2012. I'm considering joining Instagram now, to follow some musicians I like. How is the social media world atm, fellow fediverse?

@freemo I'm sorry for your loss man... take good care of yourself and your loved ones

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@Capitancuk Ci voleva la pandemia per farglielo capire.

Reviewer 2: go fuck yourself! A recent article to test the wide belief that Reviewer #2 is a uniquely poor reviewer.


Some nice highlights:

Reviewer #2 is not the problem. Reviewer #3 is. In fact, he is such a bad actor that he even gets the unwitting Reviewer #2 blamed for his bad behavior.

What is worse is that Reviewer 3 seems to be a crafty cretin

He or she is able to do this while Reviewer 2 takes the blame . This seems like it is the ultimate jerk move.

so registration app is not working in 19? Weird

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Having some fun in the lab today doing some semisynthesis on phenols using Boron Trifluoride Etherate. Everything should be done except the final distillation step ill be doing tomorrow.

@sexybiggetje Thanks I didn't know about it. In their website's store they only have the dev kit though, do you know where to get the fully assembled one? I'd spend a few bucks for not having to waterproof and assemble it myself 😁

can anyone recommend me a ? Possibly something with an open source android app, or at least it shouldn't require googleplay services as I don't have it (I have lineageOS).



@namark Ahahah, well yes I used to be, now I just aimlessly pretend I'm a mage and those are mighty fireballs

that kicking a ping pong ball around the house is an harmless and satisfying way to express frustration

@Sphinx This is a beautiful idea, taking pictures of people and places decades after things have happened, I wonder why I haven't thought about it. Thanks!


Today I had the idea of writing my life stories, not really for publishing or even showing others, more to gather all the documents, pictures and memories around a series of stories, and having the chance to go back to places and ask questions to people I haven't spoke to in a while, even since I was a kid.
After that, I could even take spin offs into

Has you done or seen something similar? How was the work structured? Any suggestion?

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