Today at my conservation genetics class my professor put this video in the projector. As i Understand is pretty famous, but I've never seen this before, it hit me.

I tried my best, and I'm sorry such things happen, but in the end this had to be done. I'm with you.

I'll update the topic on the forum about it

can we all just end the thing here, no silencing, no tagging anymore, end of discussions? Things are not going to get better. Let's just say we had a talk, agree to disagree, goodbye?

@freemo can you block @zlax instead of silencing the whole instance?

That's my last try to avoid the silencing. If it keeps happening please just do as you please and of course I'll support your decision.


I have a few friends doing pole dance, and 2 teaching it (my circus-related past), both male and female. It's really more akin to an aereal disciplines like chinese pole or trapeze than to dancing imo, great fun and healthy activity!

Do and believe what you please, but my decision is final and I can't waste hours repeating the same thing, nor will I force a user to unmute or mute or follow or unfollow anyone.

Block him if you don't like him. Otherwise is like asking me to change the floor because brooming is against your principles.

End of story.


- ask your user do not to use fraudulent SEO SMM method: "muted friends" (or "muted connections" - i do not sure about mastodon terminology) from your server;
- ask you your user to remove me from his connections in your server.

He is aware of those request. For the fourth time.

We are the mods here and ultimately what fits in what box is up to our judgement. We carefully, for days now, evaluated the situation and I've done all you've asked (making sure he knows your request, checking whether he is here just for spamming ads around, etc), and the response we gave to your 2 requests are crystal clear. I can't be clearer than that.

* We don't consider his account to be here for ads only

* He is aware of your request and we are not going to force him to do anything.

As far as I am concerned, you are repeating again and again the same thing hoping for a different outcome, and that is wasting a massive amount of both time.

If you don't want to be in his followed list just block him, as already said.

We do not remove ads as long as it seems to us that the account is not solely use for that purpose, so that's a no go.
Regarding the other 2 options, the user is already aware of your requests


> I just ask not to use me to SEO SMM promotion of an account registered on your server.

How can I do that?

I said 'I want this to end in the best way possible', not that your demands are going to be satisfied.

> I'm asking you to limit the advertising activity of this account at Fedierse

The last word on if an account is ok for the server tos or not it's up to the moss, and for us atm it's ok. We may change our minds in the future, right now this is it. Done

You asked us to let your will be known to the user. He now knows. Done

I can't see what else is left for us to do and I fear like we are wasting each other time.

Yes, he aknowledged your wish.

We consider his account not to be solely used for advertisement so it's ok for us even if he occasionally posts seld promoting stuff.
Can I close this issue? Seems to me like there are no points left and all is good.

Hi @zlax . So, this is easily solved.

> I ask: why you do not consider this activity as advertising in this case?

Our TOS are:

What will get you banned:
Any account setup solely to advertise a product or service

**solely** is a key word here. We have no troubles with people advertising, as long as they are here as genuine people, and not setting up an account just for that.
So, whether that is or isn't advertising does not matter, since the user seems to us in this server not just to advertise, so is fine with out TOS

> All i'm asking you to do is share him my request


Are we good?


Hi Zlax. Let me jump in at this point. I want this to end in the best ways possible, without any friction.

So, correct me if I'm wrong, your questions were:

* Why do we tolerate that kind of advertisement?

* Why don't we ask/force @sptnkmmnt to unmute you?

Is that it? If there is more could you please add it, in a few words? I promise I will do my best to answer them.


You post the best damn pictures man. I would so like a source link, or/and a little note about that place it is (or what species, more often). It would add a lot to it, IMO!

Also, as a mod, doesn't matter if I like him or not, that's not how we deal with fellow human beings here.

@freemo @Surasanji

He's published a book and wanted to let the world know, without even a 'buy here' link. If I'd publish a book I would be so proud as to even shout it out in the street to strangers!
That's, by our policies, totally fine as long as it is not his only interaction. I'll skim through his post history later to make sure this isn't the case.

He has little followers and following, if he's just trying to advertise stuff he's doing an horrible job at it.

While we give high value to respecting a disengage request, as I see it he's free to follow, and mute, who he pleases. If you don't ever want to see him again or have him to stop following you just block him.

@freemo @Surasanji

Sorry for my late reply, I'm just catching up on the matter. I'm 100% with @freemo

@sptnkmmnt @Surasanji @zlax

@zlax @freemo

As a mod, as you asked for help figuring it out, I'd say: you do not like the guy? Block him and forget him. As simple as that.

He's free to mute, unmute, follow and unfollow whoever he feels like.

(I hope I'm getting this straight, the whole thing is pretty weird)

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