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"During the Late Epipalaeolithic and Early Neolithic, societies across the Levant transformed their social, cultural and economic organisation, with new forms of food production, architecture and material culture. But to what extent were regional developments connected and how, in particular, did ideas and objects flow between the most southern and northern reaches of Southwest Asia?" DOI: @histodon @histodons @archaeodons


Would it be advantageous for buyers from bookstores to be able to search by length or page count?

"This lavishly illustrated book is the first systematic exploration of cartographic cartouches, the decorated frames that surround the title, or other text or imagery, on historic maps."
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"The content of Yny lhyvyr hwnn reflects the author's interest, especially his desire, arising from his belief in the need for reform in religion, to ensure that ordinary people learnt the basic tenets of the Christian faith." @bookstodon @histodon @histodons


Beautiful map for Mexico from a notable American mapmaker, Colton. But there's an interesting notation north of the border, showing the territory of Arizona as it ran east-west along the border, with New Mexico above it. #map #maps #Mexico #arizona

I always find it amazing that in bygone epochs how much travelling human beings partook in. They did not have access to modern technology; but, nonetheless were able to traverse thousands of miles on rudimentary forms of transport.

"Schooten possessed an excellent knowledge of the mathematics of both his own time and earlier periods. Beside being an extraordinarily industrious and conscientious scholar, a skilful communicator, and an inspiring teacher, he was a man of rare unselfishness." @histodon @histodons @mathematics @academicchatter


'Cipher' and 'zero' are etymological doublets:
they both stem from Arabic 'αΉ£ifr', which means "empty, 0".

'αΉ’ifr' was borrowed into Medieval Latin two times:
as 'cifra' and 'zephirum'.

The descendants of 'cifra' later lost the meaning "0" to those of 'zephirum'.

Here's how:

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