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I am going to try to find time this weekend to add in several new features to QOTO, fix a few small bugs, and if we aare REALLY lucky and things go well I might release a new version of QOTO this weekend (no promises though my life is CRAZY right now, hard to predict).

@trinsec Oh jee thanks for that info. Let me mull over that one!

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New day to Fix ideas here and there! 

I am trying to maintain a good position on the accounts on the Fediverse! My accounts and their user names.
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I'm enjoying how many people are reminding newcomers that #Mastodon isn't the be-all and end-all of the #fediverse, without mentioning Gab and Truth Social.

Anyway, i am getting the feel of his theme and UI here, so way to go.

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@England I can't seem to follow you from my account that I want to, @worldsendless. Maybe is blocking

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@bonqo Are you the same as England? Mr AI let me add them normally, on this (my techy) account. But I want another account to follow England.

@worldsendless @England @worldsendless Oh you are trying to follow two accounts as i use this one?

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I have been fooling around with and tooting & tweeting to test the SW.

You can so that the test toots don’t mess with other user’s feeds by having the posts set to be direct messages to no-one on the Mastodon side. You get to see if it is working without bothering anyone.

If you are recently from the , as I am, it takes awhile to realize you are not shouting into the void here but in conference with others.

And ofc it is also good general to toot tweets as toots rather than most of the time.

Yeah, those are my accounts, how did you know?

(webdev Tory) :emacs:  
@bonqo Are you the same as England? Mr AI let me add them normally, on this (my techy) account. But I want another account to follow England.

I am not sure how i find it harder right now to reply, it's quite complicated with notifications and direct reply. But now to test that!

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@worldsendless It says you are following me here. πŸ‘

I am just getting the hang of here with themes, myzelf.

Far from the apparent madding crowd HAHAHAHAHAH.

This is my account which is techie here, really COOL innit.

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Well it's time to get back onto social media, and this place just seems much cooler than trying to stay on the hellsite!

Speaking of HELL, here are some drawings I made of my cool pathfinder character, Ignatia Flameweaver! She is a Diabolic Bloodline Sorcerer, and she steals the souls of people she kills to summon as devils. #art #pathfinder #dnd

I have arrived from Twitter again. 😎

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