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Ok, I got this a few times on my timeline now:
Next time you see someone why you think they might be a communist, anarchist or socialist just ask them.
Engage and ask them why they feel that is the right choice and then find common ground, it's usually very easy.

I haven't done my so far so let's fix that.

You can call me Criw, I'm a second year software engineering student. I'm way more interested in low-level programming such as writing drivers than in webapps & similar stuff. I'm just starting to learn about that tho. And I like to contribute to opensource projects to learn and practice, in case you want contributors for something <3

Besides programming, I like to spend my time finding new music, and I'm recently learning to cook, so if you have any easy recipe you wanna share do it ;)

And IDK what else to tell ya'll, so if you have any question go on <3

Man, started the stream and almost immediately started getting sleepy. Will have to plan my impromptu streams to start earlier. And make them less impromptu

Well, going to record more Communist Russia in Hearts of Iron for Youtube I guess.

Good morning 🌻.

This picture is titled “Sunflowers against the Meh” and is dedicated to all those who have started the day with an (in)explicable “meh” feeling - myself included 🙄 - and need a pick-me-up. #photography #sunflowers

Hey folks. Chemistry teacher. BA in art and MS in computer science so I'm all over the place. Looking to burn off some ADD :)

Remember how nervous you used to be the night before school started? That's how your teachers felt, too. Times one thousand.

I am a 76 year old pensioner living in southern Turkey. I have tried to get the hang of the language here but learned very little. I was born and bred in England where I spent most of my life up until I retired twelve years ago.
My persuits in life were many and varied including motorcycling fishing (sea and stream) shooting (shotgun and air rifle) and sightseeing by car.
My experience in IT, which seems to be quite popular in here was as a user only but I put it to its best use.
Anyone wishing to be bored further need only ask.

@freemo Being well known has its advantages and its disadvantages. It's sort of part of my life no matter what I do, so I just try to live the life I want my kids to emulate, and do my best to be a good person. And there's so much hateful trashfire online, it's nice to have random conversations with kind people whenever the opportunity arises.

Beginning that transition away from Twitter........ 😀

Rest in Peace Senator McCain

You showed greatness even if you didn't agree with someone. My respects. I didn't know this until ten minutes ago.

Heads up:
Kimball Cho is carrying again.
Can we have Tim Kang as the next James Bond now?

I am watching everything (well, nearly everything)
If you have any suggestions, please hit me up.
At the moment I am very exited how they will do The Culture series. If Amazon blows this I will be pissed.

I like that most bitcoin bros on Mastodon have bitcoin in their account name so I can immediately block them. That’s helpful.

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