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LinkedIn was down. A lot of people were panicking.

But rather than panic, I saw an #opportunity.

Using all of my strength I ran to the nearest LinkedIn datacenter. I was able to gain access because I made a #personal #connection with the security guard. I actually invested in their ceramics business while I was talking to them.

Once I’d gained access to the servers I was able to deploy a fix I’d written using ChatGPT #AI #genAI.

I fixed LinkedIn, and walked out of the datacenter where everyone was applauding.

I say this not to brag or show off, but to share a story of how you have to show #leadership in the moment, and step up when you can. The CEO of LinkedIn called me that night to thank me. #influencer #hustle #horseownership

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I’m someone who argued fifteen years ago against Linux fanatics who wanted to pretend was a viable replacement for the average user for . As much of a enthusiast as I am, that simple wasn’t true at the time - Windows was a much smoother experience in general than Linux.

Today though, I can confidently recommend a major Linux distro and know that they’ll have as smooth an experience as they would on Windows. Not (just) because Linux has improved by leaps and bounds, but also because Microsoft seem to be doing a great job driving Windows to the ground.

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Windows really has gone downhill!

While my laptop is away being repaired, I got a rental laptop. I asked for a machine just to if I’m missing out on some latest flashy advances in proprietary land, having been on for many years now.

And I can’t believe this is the world’s primary OS! It’s a buggy, unintuitive mess (and this is coming from someone who used Windows for 10+ years) where the only “advance” seems to have been in being ever more intrusive and taking more and more control away from the user.

Real answer: because sex takes over everything, while Nazis only wish they could. People come up with all these complicated hypotheses about puritanism and shriveled old men controlling everything not wanting anyone to have fun - if you think those types of reasons would overrule people’s greed for more traffic and more money, you have too rosy a view of humanity.

The simple truth is that once you allow sexual content on a platform, the majority of the content you’ll be serving henceforth will be sexual. Advertisers don’t like that, most parents don’t want that, and your legal team and your PR/marketing team aren’t gonna like the thorny and potentially brand-ruining issues this is going to bring in.

I think the Substack discourse is good and that we should really be asking "why are Nazis okay but sex isn't" for nearly everything involving our s...
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"OpenAI says it’s “impossible” to create useful AI models without copyrighted material"

10 years ago three dudes from Sweden were hunted by FBI, Interpol and their own government for challenging copyright laws and seeking a fresh approach without ever profiting from it. 🏴‍☠️

Now venture capitalist-backed corporations will sell us our own copyrighted material at a premium. Working tirelessly to embed it in every product designed from now on so you will not be able to avoid it. 💰

The One Piece live action on Netflix has a Tamil dub, and it actually isn’t bad!

Usually in Tamil dubs, they seem to take out all the flavour of the dialogue, making it very basic. So I was expecting to be disappointed and move back to English when I changed the Audio language, but they surprised me!

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My daughter, who has had a degree in computer science for 25 years, posted this observation about ChatGPT on Facebook. It's the best description I've seen:

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I didn't think my little camera would capture the colors of these soap bubbles as well as it did. This photo is from an event hosted by the Friends of Olmsted-Beil House in honor of Frederick Law Olmsted's 201st birthday.

#Bubbles #Olmsted #Iridescent
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The amount of public space we have surrendered to cars!

An illustration by Swedish Artist; Karl Jilg

#Road #FootPath #PublicSpace #Car #Roads #Illustration

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"We've got eyes on you." Eyespots may mimic the eyes of their predators’ enemies, eg mimic dangerous snakes that might attack a hungry insect-eating bird. Birds, of course, mimic their predators- I’ve often been fooled into thinking I’m hearing a Crested Serpent Eagle when it’s actually a drongo having a bit of fun (or sounding the alarm).
This lot all hawk moths (Sphingidae)
see caterpillar-eyespots.blogspot.
#lepidoptera #caterpillars #moths #nature #biology

an example of the plausible-sounding bullshit (about the Venpa rhyming scheme in ). this one’s not in the “abcb” scheme, there’s no “third” or “fourth” lines, and I think this is not even a Venpa:

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is a great school-essay generator!

It always sounds confident and formal - regardless of whether its showing deep understanding and insight, or spouting plausible-sounding bullshit vaguely related to the question.

Exactly what students do!

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@Fanua Here, just 2 proposals created by DALL-E, the #AI at for the phrase " #JohnMastodon, the trumpeter of Mastodon". Scary, but cool 😉

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Proposal: How about if we stop talking about #ElonMusk and #Twitter on here? 😁

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What percent of published empirical papers in your field do you think are fraudulent (pick the closest number)?

Free, light, autumn leaf
Sans home, drifts around, detached
Brittle, dry, fading.


It makes a big difference to go from

“I feel like I wanna cry for no reason at all and I don’t know what to do about it” (- helplessness)


“I feel like I wanna cry for no reason at all. Why could it be?
It feels like I’m overwhelmed. By what?
Two days of constant masking in a strange new place is probably it (even if the people around were lovely). What can I do about it?
Quiet time, rest, giving myself permission to disengage from social obligations for a while.” (- making sense of it, understanding myself, and self-care)

It’s taken many years to arrive here, but I’m happy to notice that I’ve made progress.

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I wish to use a database to store my experimental results, since I plan to obtain A LOT of data points and the good old csv table doesn't appear as a good solution anymore.

How would I go about making the structure of the database? Do you have any advise for this kind of things?
I will often have to change procedures according to the results I get, thus I would need to be able to understand what was the procedure used for each results and easily see which ones are the most recent and up to date.

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