So far on we have brought the following services up, I want to know what you want to see next. All of these services are free and open to the public for open-source and collaborative non-commercial ventures.

Here is what we have up so far:

Modified server -

server -

GitLab server -

Servers we intend to bring up:

Let me know which of the above you'd like to see next. Also if you have a suggestion of a service we didnt list let me know and we might just host it for you if it would be useful for others.

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@freemo what is your reasoning behind setting up a discourse instance? I thought these work best when focused on a specific topic, and I cannot see what this topic would be in QOTO's case.

@timorl In Qotos case it would be STEM Projects (collaboration, discussion, advice, coordination, etc). I could see many uses STEM Projects could have for aa discourse host.

@freemo Have you considered a WriteFreely instance? I would be interested in seeing one of those connected to

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