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@klaatu Temporary setups arent too tricky either. Just hang the wire out of your window when you use it then puill it back in when your done. Or string it up in a tree for a few hours.

@klaatu I used to build them as kids. If you do it right its not too hard, but if you dont know much about radio it can be hard (I'm an RF engineer among other things so I have an advantage :))

Basically you need the right size antenna (or atleast a reallllllly long with with a good view of the sky). You also need to be very particular about how you position the pencil lead.

The place most people mess up is one of those two. But if you have an antenna that goes from the ground up about two stories (usually a wire hanging out of an attic window) then you stand a good chance of hearing something.

Its also important to get the winding count right. Really thin wire is needed on an air core (what is usually useD)

Back when comic book characters taught you something too. One of the simplest radios you can make.

It’s the return of the #GEDI (data). NASA’s laser on the Space_Station has a new look at Earth’s trees 🌳 & the carbon they store. The Global Ecosystem Dynamics Investigation instrument makes 3D maps πŸ—Ί of forests, like this one in South Carolina.

I have nothing against your "enlightened" sort of christians. But for all the others...

@Saederup92 To me the biggest issue is not capitalism or socialism, it is ideological extremism. True solutions that work well often dont resemble anything like either of those ideologies but something else entierly.. at least for the things that are real problems (like healthcare)

Body stuff, paranoid-inducing but kinda funny 

@Saederup92 depends on the socialism, any system of government can kill people, particularly when it is at an ideological extreme.

@p I was thinking about that too. bi- is latin and tri- is greek, so reallt both uni- and mono- work as prefixes here since its too late for consistency anyway :)

@peterdrake do you have a link to the archive I can keep an eye on first?

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