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Celebration of Chinese balloons Google has gotten into the swing of things.

NERDOCHAT When I win the lottery I’ll put up this instance. Might be a while, since I don’t buy lottery tickets.
Welcome to Nerdochat all things nerd all the time. Discussion groups:
The lifecycle of the nerd
The horror of prom
Turning 40

In the spirit of being ‘clean’, we will accept jeers from the influencers like “The world is getting warmer, nerds!’ Just as in high school, we’ll ignore them and retreat to the Library Club. Just like that club, we’ll accept nerdo-girls, but we won’t know what to do with them…. or each other.

End of reading, end of Google Obviously, we are going to have the AI play Max Headroom on tiklytok.

Full wind channel through Bering Str. This pattern is now identical to the previous series of storms for California.

Blah, now I have to be responsible and not buy the Chinese toys I had lined up for the recession. :(

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Many apologies A single balloon could not have the path selected because of the chaotic winds. However, if you launched hundreds of them, you might get lucky.

Balloon down Yeah, if it is just a stupid weather balloon, we’ll never know.

I was vacuuming and decided that the huge fluffs of dog-bunnies were beneficial to trapping more harmful types of dust….

Cleaning tip The bottle of 12% hydrogen peroxide that you get from ammie works well on old blood stains on coloured sheets. Just drip some on, wait, rinse, repeat. This is also called 40V.

Spy balloon does what nasa should do This whole thing has gone social-ballistic. To splash the cold water of physics, you know how chaotic the winds have been lately, so nobody could have planned the course of the balloon.

Wind as a snowplow
Just noticed this interesting bit of physics. When a very strong Pacific push comes in, it reverses the cold air like a snowplow barreling down the highway.
Also, the reason I didn’t see it coming is that the sat. wind chart doesn’t work over the mountains. The mimic shows it better this time, but I use both for confirmation.

Notes of the Ice Cycle It’s physics against nice stories of Polar Vortex Fairies, and the Dancing Jet Stream.

Muskie joins Unconvictables These ‘super charismatics’ can do anything.

Canada’s Dairy Cartel It’s not a simple matter, and some US states wished they had the same price stabilization. Problem is that dairy supply has huge ups and downs, depending on the mood of the cows. Farmers buy a slot on how much milk they deliver. In order to meet the slot they plan for the minimum, meaning that at the maximum, they spill milk. The alternative is a free market where all the investment in a dairy farm can go to zero in a heartbeat.

Pacific air pushes out NA cold Physics weather is a simple balance of forces.

Window Weather Looking out the front window, I see branches flying, and high winds are driving the snow. That front, from the Callie storms is coming in at an incredible speed.

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